"In 2007, an older couple decided to quit paying their rent. However they had pretty good excuses, so I didn't evict them until after three months of not paying. Finally, I went down to the courthouse to file an unlawful detainer on them.

We had our day in court. The female, who was usually dressed nicely, with fake nails and an expensive weave, showed up looking like an old hag. The guy was using a walker (eye roll - this prick didn't need one). They claimed I was a slum lord and never fixed anything, but I had receipts for every repair including a new AC unit.

After I got the judgment against them, I tried to garnish the man's wages, which I was told he worked for the Coca-Cola Company. It turns out they'd never heard of him, but after a little digging I found out they had both been arrested for selling illegal substances with the same name. The officer showed me mugshots dating back to the early '80s. They also stole the refrigerator.

Another nightmare was this past summer when I had a family of seven move into a five-bedroom house. They paid their deposit and the first month's rent. That was it. I haven't seen another dime from them. To top it off, they didn't get the power switched into their name so I got a 400 buck power bill. About a month ago, I called the water company, turns out they never had the water turned on, so they had been stealing water. The water company pulled the meter.

When I gave a 24-hour notice to do a walk through (with the police present), the woman who answered the door told me, 'You can't come in, and we'll get out when you follow all the procedures and the sheriff kicks us out.'

I think they've done this before."