"Wife and I decided to purchase a house that was built in 1900 for our first home. It was a rustic two-story fixer-upper with a double lot. I had never done renovation work before, but I grew up on a farm and knew enough to get myself into a situation I had to learn my way out of.

Within the first hour of getting the keys to the place, we popped a few bottles with some friends and started taking down the walls downstairs with hammers and bear claws. We took down the lath and plaster from the first floor, then went to work taking down the wall between the living and dining room. Next up was introducing some new insulation, wiring, windows, and a French door.

The first creepy thing we found was in the wall of that dining room where our bay windows are; it was a woman's social security card. Her last name wasn't even registered to the home so I didn't think anything of it and tossed it.

A few weeks later I started ripping the yard apart with a Bobcat since it was overgrown when I made another startling discovery. We had begun tilling the land when I scrounged up a driver's license in the dirt. Sure enough, it was the same lady as before with the social security card. I didn't keep the social security card from before so I tossed the license as well

Fast forward two months later and the backyard has been reseeded and the grass coming back in. I was walking around the perimeter observing my handiwork when I found another creepy and mysterious artifact; a Shell gas card of the same name laying in the grass by our back gate.

It was only until now that I began to take notice of these bizarre coincidences.

Our friends think I was pretty dumb for not holding onto that stuff and investigating. I suppose subconsciously I didn’t want to find out something bad happened to that person in the house. I mean, how does someone’s social security card end up inside the wall of a 100-year-old house. And their driver's license was in the ground in the backyard? The thing that threw me off was the Shell gas card I found just resting on top of the grass, that couldn’t have been very old. Now I really wish I had kept those personal effects to double-check if the owner was missing somewhere."