With everything going on right now, masks are mandatory in our stores unless the person has a severe medical condition. With Corona active, the law is that Masks are mandatory in all stores unless of course, the person has a severe medical condition. We have a fair share of people that come in just covering their mouth, with their noses fully exposed. When I see them, I say, 'Hi, how are you, please make sure your mask is covering your nose!'

This male Karen (who I'll call Ken) comes to my register with his nose exposed, and I kindly remind him about covering his nose. He proceeds to tell me he had asthma. I told him that it would be a common courtesy to use the self-check out lane. While I am cashing him out, he is yelling about how he cannot breathe properly under his mask, and he will not stop. Finally, I’ve had enough, and I have a long line with customers is wearing a mask properly. I tell him, 'Do you see all these people? You think they are wearing a mask for enjoyment? They are being considerate of your health, the least you can do is show them the same consideration instead of behaving so entitled!'

He then changes the subject and says, 'I’ve seen employees many times without any masks, I’ve even seen you without a mask, and I have proof! You’re lucky I haven’t posted this on social media!'

I tell Ken, 'Clearly this is so important to you, even though you can’t seem to comprehend how to wear a mask properly, so post away, no one is stopping you.'

Then he is left speechless and he’s like, 'Well, you have yourself a great day!' and he leaves and I hear him muttering some curse words on his way out. I’ve had enough of these fraudsters that try to pretend they have a medical condition that exempts them from a mask. I know he was lying because people who truly have these medical conditions don’t act defensive, they let us know. This Ken kept going on and on about how he has difficulty breathing, repeating the same thing so many times. With the guy I had, he was acting very defensive just for being advised that he should be using self-checkout. It’s that entitled attitude it’s saying that he doesn’t give care that he’s exposing himself. We have customers who have medical conditions, but they are very aware of their surroundings and use the self-checkout so they don’t get too close to others.