Customers at this restaurant are enjoying a live band, until this protective mother pulls the plug! Reddit user Lochtub shares her experience.

"I work as a waitress/kitchen hand at a restaurant connected to a bowlers club. I had my fair share of entitled wombats, so enjoy this one.

Every Saturday the club has a live music event. Most of the bands that play are small, but really good. We're just chilling out, I'm not working but felt like coming down to just relax with my co-worker (whom I also happen to be dating now). It's around 7:30 pm and the band playing is a mix of funk and disco tech. The club is in a pretty good mood, that was until this woman came over to my boss and demanded they stopped playing as it was disrupting their dinner. My boss simply told her that she could ask them to play a little more quietly but there wasn't much she could do. The woman stormed off back to her table and she thought nothing of it.

Few minutes later, I go over to my boss to see how she's doing and suddenly we hear a loud screech from the speakers. We turn and it's the mom... She had the cord for the speaker that's connected to the guitar. The band was livid. She started trying to defend herself by saying that she disliked their music and that her children won't be turned by, 'the Devil's music.'

My boss stormed over and asked her to give the cord back and go back to her table, but she refused claiming that her husband works for council and that he could shut down our restaurant if they wanted (total bunch of bull). People started getting upset over it and one of the club managers came over with one of my co-workers, and politely asked what was going on. The mom just bursts out with one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

Mom: 'They were playing music that I don't like and I want them banned from the venue. If they are not removed, I will call my husband and he will have them removed. Do you not know who I am? My husband works for council! I can get this whole place shut down with a click of my fingers!'

We all stood there with this what the heck look on our faces. My boss again asked her to hand the cord over and to continue with her night, but she refused. I for one didn't want to get involved but my co-worker on the other hand is very different. He asks the mom what her husbands name is, she tells us.

Fun Fact: my co-worker's father works for council as a Secretary.

So then my co-worker calls his dad and asks if her husband worked for council. He was confused when he asked, but went along. Turns out her husband does in-fact work for council... as a lawn mower. All her husband does is takes care of the equestrian park and other gardens in the town. He ended the call and we all looked at her. She was shaking and quietly gave up the cord. We let her stay after she apologized, but she has been warned not to do that mess ever again or she'd be the one banned from the venue."