"My husband and I had just come home from my birthday dinner. He’d gone outside to get rid of some black widows (spiders) we had in our garden, so the kids wouldn’t get bitten by them. I was heading on up to bed when I heard banging on the front door. I opened up to see six police officers in front of me, with four more in their cars. I was scared, had no idea what was going on.

One asked me, 'Miss, are you in your house alone?'

I said no.

'Who else is in this house with you?' they asked.

'My in-laws and my husband,' I responded.

'Where is your husband, miss?' they questioned.

'Outside in the garden, killing spiders, may I ask why?' I replied.

The police officer looked at me, saying he needed to go outside to talk to him, I showed them the way. They all went outside to investigate, then came back in.

'We are sorry to disturb you this evening, but someone had phoned in saying they believed somebody was being murdered,' the cops explained.

They said they saw a flashlight in the back and heard somebody shouting 'die, die, die.'

They looked around the garden and the house then went outside and stayed for about 30 minutes. Still the best birthday I’ve ever had to this day."