"My mum often has Air BnB guests stay in our spare room, most of the time they’re staying for a work-related purpose.

A couple of years ago, we had a nurse staying with us for five nights. She was the ideal guest, worked long hours, and just slept when she was back, we hardly saw or heard her. However, her presence did become known to us at the end of her stay.

On the final morning of the nurse's stay, my mum went to use the bathroom and saw a huge puddle of pee next to the toilet. She was utterly confused why it was next to the toilet and not IN the toilet but didn’t want to just leave it there, so she went downstairs to get some cleaning products. Whilst she was in the kitchen she heard the nurse leave her room, scamper to the bathroom and shuffle around a bit, then return to her room. My mum went back upstairs and the pee was gone. Vanished. It was clear the nurse had cleaned it up but it was just odd behavior. Did she intentionally miss the toilet? Who knows.

A few hours later, the nurse had left and my mum went to clean the room. In the middle of the bed, she had left all the sheets in a big bundle, on top was a note saying thanks for the stay. Usually, the guests don’t strip the bed so my mum was surprised but thought the note was cute, maybe a slight apology for the urine. She picked up the sheets to take to be washed and gave them a shake to separate them up. A massive turd just rolls out onto the floor. This woman had done a turd and wrapped it up in the sheets, like a present. Even left a note on top. And now there was just a huge turd lying on the guest room rug.

My mum took the room off Air BnB for a long time. I think it gave her PTSD. Post Traumatic S* Disorder."