"I was working at this pizza shop a couple of years ago. An hour after we closed, two guys tried to come into our lobby. We had the 'closed' sign on the door, so it was pretty obvious why the door was locked. They didn't get the message and walked around to the drive-thru window and kept ringing the buzzer. Finally, my manager opened the window and told them we were closed.

They just kept trying to order food, and finally, after fifteen minutes, my manager caved and took their obnoxious order. I think it was two pizzas, a salad, and a dozen wings.

They didn't like the price and started complaining it was a rip-off. My manager stood firm and told them to pay or get out. So they reluctantly paid, and I started making the food.

We eventually handed over the food, and they drove off.

Just as we were setting the alarm to leave, we received a call.

My manager picked it up on the last ring and put it on speakerphone. It was the guys. They called to complain the wings we gave them weren't all drums and the salad didn't have enough dressing packets. So they demanded we refund them and make them a new order.

My manager said, without even an ounce of hesitation, 'Yeah, you can go eff off, you piece of crud.'

The guy lost it and started saying something, but we hung up and left. I went ahead and texted the manager who was opening the following day to give her a little warning.

The next morning the guy came by and started demanding they make him food for free and said he would sue the restaurant and he knew the owner and they golfed together.

The owner was there, just out of view from the counter. He walked around and said something like, 'Yeah, I don't know you. Get out.'"