"I go into work early some days to get some of my work done before the idiots show up. Usually, before work, I go on about a five-mile walk with my dog. I live in a condo so I walk about a quarter-mile up the road and walk around in a neighborhood.

About eight months ago while I'm walking a golf cart with actual lights and sirens pulled up in front of me. This huge old lady gets out and starts yelling before I can even get my headphones out of my ears. Turns out walking dogs isn't allowed before 7 am according to the HOA. I informed her that first of all I don't live there and second of all the streets were all public so she couldn't really do much. She responded by threatening to call the cops and have me arrested. I just told her to do whatever she felt she had to and walked away.

This really ticked her off. She started following me in her golf cart with the lights and siren going. This continued for about ten minutes until the cops arrived on the scene. I stopped and talked with them for a bit and explained my side of things. Took maybe 20 minutes before they came back over to explain what was going to happen.

In the end, I had every right to walk my dog at any time of day or night as long as I had light when it was dark and had reflective clothing (I had both), as for her though they tested the siren which exceeded noise levels for any time before 8 am. Then to top it off she didn't have it registered for use on public roads, and the tail lights didn't work. As I looped back around the golf cart was getting loaded onto a tow truck and I just kinda laughed the whole way back to my condo."