"I used to work the front counter of a popular take-out restaurant. We got a lot of free or discounted food. Generally, the only thing we were required to pay for were drinks. They were a dollar and twenty-five cents for a fountain drink.

One day, these two guys came in and ordered a pizza. They hit on me several times and made some gross, inappropriate comments. I rejected them and just did my job. They hassled me about trying to get free things included with their order, and I shut them down immediately. They got really ticked. Finally, it came time to pay. It was like thirteen dollars total for their order. One of the guys handed me nine dollars from his wallet. He had several really large bills. I saw at least three one hundred bills, multiple 50's, and several 20's. So he wasn't short on cash. I counted it out in front of him and said, 'Sir, this is only nine dollars.'

He told me, 'No, it's not.' 

I counted it out again and showed him and said I need four more dollars. He threw a fit and gave me three more! As if I wouldn't notice. 

I gave him a 'Really?' look and he handed over another dollar finally.

After they paid, they started demanding free drinks. I said no. They said, 'No one will care. Just give us the drinks.' 

I said I could get fired and I wasn't allowed. 

They got angry and said, 'No one is looking. We're thirsty and want drinks.'

I told them too badly and they were pretty cheap and they could buy two. Then they asked for water cups. Our water cups were tiny and made of clear plastic. I finally gave them the water cups, knowing they would get soda anyway. I didn't really care that much. Then the guy threw the water cups at the wall! He said those were too small and wanted soda cups. Then he accused me of being mean for no reason.

At this point, I was getting upset and called for my manager, who adored me and knew I didn't take sass from people. When my manager showed up, they stopped saying I was horrible and became quiet.

My manager asked if there was a problem and they said no, and he was going to stay up there with me until they left, but there was an issue in the back. Finally, their food came out, so I gave it to them. Then they needed my help in the back, so I went back there. When I came back up front, the guys were gone.

And so was my drink!

We watched the video footage later, and it showed the two guys leaving the store, seeing me gone, then coming back in, one of them reaching over the counter, stealing my drink, emptying it out, and then getting a soda.

Jokes are on them because I was in the process of developing a cold. But seriously, what gives? They were that desperate that they stole my drink? Which I drank out of and paid for?