"This was about 25 years ago now. I met this girl online who was seriously attractive. Like, super attractive. If someone like that would message me today, I would assume it was spam. But she was legit. We talked for a while, and I didn't ever really see her creepy side on the phone or via chatroom. Once we transitioned to meeting in public, that was when things started to seem off. No matter the room we were in, there was always someone who she knew and who treated her poorly. There was always an evil guy who tried to be her boyfriend but treated her badly. 

I even broke down and asked a few folks she pointed at, and of course, they were like, 'She said that about me?! I don't even know her.'

The final straw for me was when I was invited to a friend's party and I invited her. After picking her up, she begged me to let her friend come. I knew my friend was going to be a bit ticked that I was inviting this girl already, and if she brought a friend, it was not going to go over well. Mostly because it was not meant to be a 50-person party, just a couple of friends. 

So, I told her, 'Sorry, it isn't my party, and I am already reaching pretty far inviting you.'

Almost instantly she burst into the biggest, loudest, belly-crying fit I have ever witnessed. She was 18 years old, screaming and crying at the top of her lungs in the passenger seat of my car. It was so loud, I wanted to roll the windows down to protect my ears, but I was too embarrassed that others may hear her. She kept screaming how unfair it was and asking me why I hated her and hated her friend. I couldn't even think of anything to say. It caught me so off guard and made no sense, I didn't have any words.

I was only 20 at the time, so I didn't make the best choice, but it did work out. I decided I would tell her I changed my mind, and we could bring her friend. But when she got out to go knock on her door, I would drive off. And I did. I got a few nasty online messages from her afterward, but that was it. Thankfully she didn't know where I lived or anything like that, and she seemed to drop it quickly."