Mask Girl Has Some Tricks Up Her Sleeve
Mask Girl Has Some Tricks Up Her Sleeve

"We were at the dreaded big box store picking up potting soil because we are going to DIY ourselves through the isolation. Things aren't crazy here yet, but there is a two-per-customer limit on a majority of items. I assume this means everything, so we're getting two bags each of a few different types of soil. My husband is loading the last of 8 bags on our cart when I hear her. I know it's a Karen just by the level of unnecessary outrage in her voice.

Karen: 'Are you KIDDING me?!'

Not a lot of people out here in the garden center, but we all look to her. I was almost disappointed to see she didn't come with the requisite haircut. She actually looked like a frazzled mom. Her kid was tugging on her hand with an overfull hand-basket of groceries, and I had a moment of, 'Girl, I feel you', But she was pointing at us.

Karen: 'You can't buy THAT many! You. Are. HOARDING!'

My husband: 'Yeah we can, we're getting two each.'

Karen: 'Oh you don't fool me. I know what you're doing!'

My husband: 'So do I. Get Lost.'

Well, Karen huffed at that, spun around, and yanked her kid back inside to go complain to the employee working the register nearby. Now, we already paid for our items. The employee had come out and scanned the bags earlier and he could easily see our cart from inside. So, being finished, we pushed the cart out of the garden center into the parking lot. And then the automatic doors open behind us and I hear, 'Now they're stealing!'

We load the soil in the car and turn around to bring the cart back and look at plants. By the time we get back, Karen has given up on trying to convince the employee we're the Bonnie and Clyde of Dirt and is now trying to negotiate skipping somebody in line. She has a child, you see, and her hand-basket, well it's just so full and heavy. The woman Karen is trying to skip is young, maybe college age, and wearing a mask. Not a medical mask, but the stretchy kind you'd wear while riding a motorcycle or when you're skiing. The mask is black and has scary wolf teeth on it that honestly made the girl look like somebody you should not mess with, even though she was wearing a GAP t-shirt and flip-flops. Mask Girl is just shaking her head no, and that's all I got as we dropped off the cart.

I browse, pick up a couple of plants, and we head inside to wait in line. Now it's showtime.

Karen and Mask Girl are near the register facing off, no pun intended. From the looks of things, Mask Girl finished her purchase and Karen stopped her before she could leave. I don't know if she grabbed her or anything, but Karen was still holding her full hand-basket so she hadn't checked out yet. Well, she hadn't paid for her groceries yet, because clearly, this woman had checked out.

Karen: 'But you don't even need it now, you're leaving. My son could get sick because you won't give it to him and he needs it!'

Mask Girl: 'No, you can't have it. Back off, lady.'

Karen: 'But my son really likes it and it's obviously made for boys anyway, why would you even want to wear something so scary?'

Mask Girl: 'Because I like it. And it has my germs on it, why would you put a stranger's mask on your kid?'

Karen: 'Ugh, why are you being so rude? You wouldn't let us go through the check out first and now you're making my son very upset!'

Mask Girl: 'Your problem, not mine.'

And then Mask Girl turns to leave while Karen suddenly grabs Mask Girl by the back of her mask. Karen reaches out, people on both sides of me inhale loudly, Karen grabs the mask and yanks, a lady on my right yells, and my husband steps forward. Mask Girl tucks her head down and she turns to Karen like an upset bull with a bright and shiny new target. I think Karen was going to say something like, 'Don't walk away from me!' or something, but all she got out was 'Don't-' CRACK!

I looked around because the noise was so loud, I figured the roof was about to cave in, but out of the corner of my eye, I see Karen spasm and drop to the floor writhing. Little Miss Mask Girl had a taser! I don't know when she pulled it out, but she laid Karen out with it. And not one of us moved for what felt like forever like we were frozen. And then it was complete bedlam. Security guard shows up, more employees show up, Mask Girl is chilling like she's been through this before and knows what comes next. The kid is screaming that the wolf girl killed his mom even though she's groaning and sobbing on the floor and clearly not dead but maybe wishing she was, the people that had been in line with us were all talking at once trying to tell the security guard what happened.

We hung around just witnessing the insanity for maybe two minutes before Karen started choking out demands for an ambulance, the police, a lawyer, the mayor, restitution, and reparations. My husband made eye contact with an employee and got a thumbs up when he put the plants on a shelf and pointed towards the door. We got out of there super fast.

We drove home in silence until my husband parked the car in our driveway, and then we just burst out laughing. Neither of us has ever seen anything like that before. We live in a small beach town, where people are super laid back and mellow. Karen was anything but, and I hope to never see her again. Take care of yourselves and stay safe!"

Aunt And Uncle Will Stop At Nothing
Aunt And Uncle Will Stop At Nothing

"My boyfriend's father recently announced that he plans to retire in a few months and hand over the reigns of his company to his right hand, i.e. his daughter and my boyfriend's sister, Shania. She has been working with him for over a decade and has played a pivotal role in growing the company. She's an astute business person and everyone agrees that she is the ideal candidate for the job.

Everyone except boyfriend's paternal uncle, Uncle Bill, and his wife, Aunt Brenda. When they heard about this they were 'horrified'. How dare his brother put a woman in charge of his business? How could they overlook their son (my boyfriend's cousin), who was obviously more qualified for the job, by virtue of being a boy! The uncle's son was denied a job at the company years ago, on account of his erratic behavior and general rudeness. Back then, the uncle insisted that his son should just be handed a cushy job at the company simply because he was family. Now the uncle had the gall to expect his brother to make him in charge of the company when he steps down. His reasoning is that only a man should inherit the family business and that is just, 'Wasn't a woman's place.'

Uncle Bill actually seemed way more upset about his niece getting the job than he was about his son not getting it. He and his wife kept repeating the same nonsense about how it was a huge mistake to put a woman in charge when male members of the family were available. My boyfriend's dad tried to explain to them why Shania was suitable for the job. However, it's notoriously difficult to reason with bigots They refused to listen and actually suggested that the boyfriend's dad take their son under his wing and teach him because 'He's so smart and he can learn really fast. He'll run the company way better than Shania, you'll see!' Also, 'Since your son (i.e. my boyfriend) isn't man enough to be your heir, you should give our son a chance.'

They kept making ridiculous arguments like, 'What about when she gets married? She'll change her surname!'

My boyfriend's dad tried to explain to them that whether she gets married and changes her surname or not is entirely her decision. And if she does, how on Earth would it affect her business acumen and leadership skills? When my boyfriend's dad and sister shut them down, they changed tactics. Yesterday evening, my boyfriend received a call from his aunt. She went on an insane rant about how my boyfriend's dad didn't know what he was doing. She then tried to provoke my boyfriend. She told him since he was the son, it was his natural right to succeed his father and he shouldn't let his sister rob him of it. My boyfriend told her to never dial his number again and hung up.

These monsters knew very well that my boyfriend has never been interested in his dad's business. But I guess since THEIR son wasn't getting to run the company, so they decided to try to provoke a feud between my boyfriend and his sister because they're the kind of sad, bitter little turds who just cannot see other people happy."

Turned The Tables On Nasty Family
Turned The Tables On Nasty Family

"My boyfriend Cyrus and I were on our way to a dinner party and stopped by his parent's home because he needed to drop off something his dad had asked for. As he went to see his dad in the study, I parked the car and then went in to wait in the living room. His mom greeted me with her usual warmth. His aunt and cousin, along with cousin's gaggle of children, were there too. Cousin greeted me, then gave me a once over, and whispered something to her mom, Cyrus's aunt.

They waited until Cyrus's mom had left the room, before his aunt said to me, 'You know, you really shouldn't dress like that in front of children. It's a bad influence on them.'

I asked her, 'What do you mean, dress like that? We're going to a dinner party, I'm dressed appropriately.'

I was wearing a black, one-shoulder pencil dress.

The cousin said, 'Well, your legs are exposed. I don't want my kids to think that it's okay for a woman to dress this way. You should go home and change, or at the very least, go outside and wait in your car.'

I'm 5'8" and I have long legs, but my outfit really wasn't showing a lot of skin. Certainly not enough to warrant this kind of a reaction. Besides, her kids were playing at the other side of the room and didn't pay any attention to me, so I have no idea why she was acting this way.

I sarcastically said, 'Darn! I knew I should've just worn the bikini!'

His aunt asked, 'Do you think you're funny?'

As they were babbling, Cyrus entered the living room. They didn't see him. He had heard what they were saying and clearly didn't like what he heard. His aunt and cousin never talked badly in front of him, as he has chewed them out in the past. He asked his cousin and aunt why the two of them couldn't dress better. Did they really think it was okay for the cousin's kids to see them dressed in tacky saris? They should probably go home and change. When they acted indignant, he simply asked, 'Oh I'm sorry! Do you feel insulted that someone is commenting on the way you dress?'

They obviously had no answer. His cousin gave me one last angry look as we were leaving, and I gave her a smile."

Ruining Her Special Day
Ruining Her Special Day

"My mom is the youngest of two girls. She and my dad went to high school together, but they didn’t start dating until they were both in college. It was a chance meeting that they ran into each other in a bar. Cute story. Still, happily married and in love 23 years later. It all started when my mom got engaged. My aunt was so upset because she wasn’t engaged first, even though she was older. Throughout all the planning, she was pouting and kind of cold towards my mom.

So the day of the wedding comes. My mom is getting ready with her bridesmaids. She is marrying the guy she has had a crush on since high school, she has her perfect venue, and she’s wearing her grandmother’s dress. Everything is going absolutely perfect. Until my aunt (her sister) starts crying. My mom tried to comfort her because she is the most selfless woman in the world. Even though she was getting married in mere HOURS, she was focused on her sister. A little while later, after my aunt ran off, my grandmother pulled my mom aside. The conversation went something like this:

Grandma: 'Hey, you’re really making your sister upset.'

Mom: 'What did I do?'

Grandma: 'You're way too happy, and it's making her upset that she didn't get married before you.'

Mom: 'Pardon me?'

Grandma: 'Can you just be a little less happy?'

My mom was in shock. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, and here was her mother telling her to be 'less happy' so her sister didn’t get hurt. My mom’s whole life, she was always told to set her accomplishments aside so her sister felt special too. When she was younger, she was told BY HER PARENTS she would never go to college because she had a hard time in school (she had dyslexia and ADD before professional help was available). My mom defied all odds and graduated with a Master’s degree. Can you guess who got all the glory for graduating from college? You guessed it. My aunt. And on this day, my mom wasn’t having it.

Mom: 'Look, I’m sorry that my sister is upset, but today is about me and my fiancé. We’re happy, and I’m not going to hide that or pretend I’m not, just so my sister won’t be sad. Today is the happiest day of my life. And I’m not giving that up for ANYONE!'

My grandmother shut up after that. She did give my mother a disapproving look though (I don’t even need to have been there to see it. My mom still gets them all the time).

After that, the wedding was perfect. My mother still talks about it with stars in her eyes. Now, my mother still has to deal with their nonsense sometimes, but she also has my dad and us 'kids' (two of us are adults now) to help stand up for her. She’s very happy. And I’m so glad she stood up for herself. There are a few stories like this that I know about, but this one makes me the saddest. I’m just glad she didn’t let it ruin her wedding day."

Won't Keep Her Hands To Herself
Won't Keep Her Hands To Herself

"I’m sitting in a doctor's office waiting room while a family member is being seen. Headphones in, doodling in a notebook, nibbling on an oversized chocolate chip cookie. A woman and her maybe three-year-old daughter sit a few seats away from me, and the kid immediately starts screaming. 'Cookie!' at the top of her lungs repeatedly. I turn my music up and try to tune it out, until the lady leans over and YANKS an earbud out of my ear. I let out an expletive because it caught on my earring and really hurt and surprised me.

I just sat through a five-minute lecture about how I shouldn't use that language in the presence of a child and how ashamed of myself I should be, and what do I have to say for myself? Meanwhile, the kid is oblivious and still just screaming, 'Cookie cookie.' I told her that I wouldn’t have used that language had she kept her hands off my property and not caused me pain by almost ripping my earring out of my skin.

'Well you’re going to give my daughter your cookie to make up for being so foul in front of her!' and she reaches into my lap to grab my cookie.

I push her hand away, and I tell her that she can buy her own cookie, and if she reaches for me or my items again, she’s getting reported for harassment. The receptionist, who has been watching all this, finally speaks up. She says she’s willing to call the police if I’d like and back up my statement.

I don’t feel like dealing with that, and it seemed to calm down the mom, so now I’m sitting here listening to my music and taking the smallest bites possible. I'm acting like this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten while making eye contact with her. She’s glaring at me and keeps telling her kid, 'The mean lady won’t share her cookie,' and I’m going to make them watch me enjoy eating this for as long as possible.

Side note: who on earth takes food from a random stranger to give to their kid? What if this was edible? What if I had medicine in it? How are people so stupid and irresponsible?"

She Only Realized As It Was Too Late
She Only Realized As It Was Too Late

"I was working at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (or Epic, as it was known to the cast members), and we had already closed the theater for the start of a show. When the theater gets to maxed capacity, we legally can't put more people in there because of the fire code.

This woman barrels up to me, gets within six inches of my face, and waves her paper Fast Pass ticket in my face. She DEMANDED to be allowed into the show and screams that her child, a little boy no more than years old, NEEDS to see this show, or his day is RUINED. She was screaming so loud, veins were popping out of the front of her head. I stood there, calm and collected, explaining to her that the theater is full, and we can't let anyone else in.

She pushes past me with one arm, holding her child's arm in the other. She marches straight for the ropes that block the entrance and tries to hoist her son over the rope. Before she gets that far, a manager walks up and puts his hands in the air, to try to contain the situation. He offers to get the kid an ice cream and provide VIP Seats to the next show if she calms down and comes back later.

After screaming about how rude I was to her (which I was not), she accepts the token of kindness. My manager turns to me and asks me how long my shift is today. I told him I was off work at 6:30. He nods and he tells the irate woman that he will have me personally take her to the VIP section down the front. He writes her a ticket voucher for the ice cream and seats, and she fumed off with not even a thank-you.

My manager turns to me and apologizes on behalf of her. Then he asks me, 'How many more shows do we have today?'

I looked at the clock and realized it was after 5 p.m., and we were well in the middle of our last show of the day. I looked at my manager as a sly smile crept across his face. He had just given an entitled parent a VIP pass, to a show that won't happen.

The respect I already had for him just skyrocketed through the roof. I was long gone by the time she came back, but I would love to imagine the look on her face when she came back at 7 p.m. for the last show. The kid got ice cream, and mom got mad. It was a win/win."

The Mom Refused To Think
The Mom Refused To Think

"I work in a preschool, and sometimes I babysit kids from work, especially when we are on break. Because of recent events, everything is canceled. Because my sister has a disability and is immunocompromised, my whole family agreed to go into self-isolation (thankfully most of us can work from home). We would limit our contact with all others, even other family members, to protect my sister. I was playing outside in the driveway with my brothers when a familiar car pulls up, and one of the little girls (let's call her Susie) from the preschool gets out of the car. I have babysat her many times before, but I never agreed to on this occasion.

I assumed the mom was going to ask me to watch her, but when I approach the car, she speeds off, leaving poor Susie there. I had not made any previous arrangements to watch her, and I didn't want to let her into my house, knowing her father is a frequent flyer and Susie may be a carrier.

I got her some water and let her sit down in the garage to get her out of the wind, as I tried calling her mom and dad. Neither picked up at first until I finally got a hold of a very angry mom. I explained I couldn't watch Susie, and she would have to come back and pick her up.

The mom freaked out, saying she was already at work. This is a total lie. She works at a mall, that I know for a fact is closed because of recent events. I tell her that if she doesn't return within a half-hour (how far the mall is from my house), I would be calling CPS. She knows we are mandatory reporters because we already had to open a case on her. She explains that she can't come by, but she says she will send her husband. 15 minutes pass, and then 30. I get Susie some chalk to color with while maintaining a distance but trying to keep her happy. An hour later, I know no one is coming to get her.

I phone CPS and the non-emergency police line, and police arrive at my house in a couple of minutes. I explain to them the whole situation, and thankfully a CPS worker is able to get there pretty quickly.

The mom phones me later and yells at me for Susie being taken by CPS and them having another investigation, saying I always watch Susie during a break. I explain my immunocompromised sister, and she is VERY offended I even suggested Susie might be sick. I didn't even bother to explain how she could be a carrier without showing symptoms.

This mother claims that she won't be returning Susie to our preschool because of my, 'appalling and disrespectful behavior,' but I know that she has been kicked out of all the other preschools. I wouldn't mind if this mother never came back, but I would certainly feel bad for little Susie."

Aunt On The Rampage
Aunt On The Rampage

"I broke my arm when I was around 10. I and a group of friends had been playing at the swing park and I fell off the climbing frame. The first thing I felt was an immense pain in my arm. My friends, understandably, freaked out and ran off in search of an adult whilst a couple of them stayed with me, in case my arm fell off whilst they were gone. Eventually, my friends came back with one of their dads, he quickly checked my arm over and was around 80% sure that it was broken. He offered to drive me home and would tell me jokes in an attempt to cheer me up. He succeeded in making my friend cringe at his dad jokes and I felt myself relax a little. I was still in immense pain but I wasn't worried about my arm falling off anymore.

Eventually, we got to my house and my friend's dad explained to my mom what happened. He's such a great guy, he even offered to take me and my mom to the hospital. My mom politely declined because the guy had to go to his work and she didn't want him getting into trouble. Once he'd left, my mom asked me all the usual worried parent questions; What happened? Where does it hurt? Do you feel sick? She then called my nice aunt to see if she could drop us off at the hospital. She was working though and even though she told my mom she was leaving work immediately, she would still take about an hour and a half to get to our house because of how far away our work was. That left only one option. My Entitled Aunt. Brilliant.

Surprisingly, she did actually seem somewhat worried when my mom told her what happened and she got to our house within fifteen minutes (entitled cousin was staying with her dad overnight, so she didn't come with us). She even brought me sweets to cheer me up. Everything is going about as well as it could with my arm in a massive amount of pain. We get to the hospital, give the hospital all the required information, and head to the waiting room for what we expected to be a very long wait.

My mom takes me towards the children's waiting area, so I could play with the toys whilst I waited, with my Entitled Aunt following behind. I settled for playing with one of the plastic trucks so that I didn't have to move my broken arm. Everything was fine until a little girl asked me if I wanted to play kitchens with her, to which I immediately said yes. She set out some plastic cups for a tea party and we play quite happily. Until Entitled Aunt decides to intervene like the interfering monster that she is.

Entitled Aunt: 'What are you doing sweetheart?'

Me: 'Playing kitchens with this girl.'

Entitled Aunt: 'I thought you were playing with the trucks, why don't you go get one of them? They're so cool.'

Me: 'But I and this girl are playing.'

Entitled Aunt: 'Little boys don't play kitchens. That's for little girls.'

Me: 'But uncle my mom's brother is a cook and he's a boy.'

Mom: 'He's playing with that little girl, leave him alone!'

Entitled Aunt: 'You really don't think it's weird?'

Mom (getting pretty impatient): 'No, I don't. Now either leave the little ones alone or you can head home.'

Entitled Aunt rolled her eyes, but she went back to my mom and sat down. This girl, Sarah, and I talked and played for a bit, she asked me about my arm, and I told her what happened. I found out through our talks that she had gotten her ears pierced but the company hadn't cleaned the equipment properly, which had led to her right ear getting infected, despite her mother cleaning it thoroughly every day. She went on to tell me that she was going to get the earring taken out and once she felt better, her mom would take her to get her ear re-pierced at a different establishment. Despite the hassle, she was going through at that point in time, Sarah was pretty proud of her ear piercings, which in turn made me think about getting my own ears pierced. I had run over to my mom to ask about maybe getting my own ears pierced with the money that I had saved up, I got pocket money for helping around the house and always liked to save it for things that I really wanted. Entitled Aunt scoffed and made faces of disgust, but she didn't vocalize any of her 'concerns'.

After about an hour I was called up to get x-rayed. I said my goodbyes to Sarah and headed to the x-ray room with my mom. Basically, I got my arm x-rayed (it was definitely broken), and we were taken to a little room, where we were to wait for one of the nurses to arrive and sort out a cast for my am. Entitled aunt had been allowed to join us at this point, and she was still pretty upset about my mom getting impatient with her earlier. Obviously, she dropped the nice demeanor and pet names and went back to being her typical nasty self. She kept her mouth shut for the most part until the nurse decided to ask the question. The question that would make Entitled Aunt lose her mind:

Nurse: 'What color of cast would you like, sweetie?'

Entitled Aunt: 'He likes the blue, it's the same color as his top!'

Nurse: 'Is the blue one okay for you?'

She asks me this with a look that tells me, 'You don't have to go with the color that this psycho wants'.

Me: 'I like the purple one.'

Entitled Aunt just glares at me.

Nurse: 'Okay honey, a purple cast it is.'

Entitled Aunt: 'What? You're actually going to give him a purple cast?!'

Nurse: 'Well that's what he wants.'

Mom: 'Give it a rest, it's just a color.'

Entitled Aunt: 'So? It's purple, little boys wear blue, not purple!'

Mom: 'It's not you that has to wear it, stop being such a drama queen!'

Entitled Aunt: 'You're loving this aren't you, you want him to be gay. You're encouraging this kind of behavior.'

Mom: 'I want my child to be happy. If a purple cast is going to make him happy, then he's getting a purple cast.'

Entitled Aunt: 'Little boys shouldn't be wearing purple. He's getting the blue one, it's almost the same as purple anyway.'

Me: 'But if blue's the same as purple, can't I just have purple?'

Entitled Aunt: 'Are you a girl?'

Me: 'N-no, but I like purple.'

Mom: 'He isn't your kid and I'm not having you make him feel like garbage for liking a certain color!'

At this point, the nurse is trying to diffuse the situation and I can only look on in shock. They argued for a couple of minutes more until the nurse managed to get ahold of a doctor and another nurse, who quickly asked Entitled Aunt to leave the premises. She did, but not without getting the last word in by shouting, 'You're a terrible mother, wanting your son to be a (homophobic slur)!'

My mom proceeded to apologize to the doctor and nurses for stooping to her level. They told her it wasn't an issue, and that Entitled Aunt was out of order with her language. Entitled Aunt had naturally driven off and left us at the hospital for another half hour until the Nice Aunt came to pick us up. She had stopped off at KFC (my favorite fast food place as a kid) to get us something to eat and had gotten me a teddy bear at a toy shop in town. It was bright purple. Nice Aunt was quick to post a picture of the three of us, and the new teddy bear, on Facebook, knowing full well that Entitled Aunt would see it, just to upset her a little bit more. Entitled Aunt actually blocked both my mom and Nice Aunt on Facebook after this incident, and we had no contact with her for about two and a half years.

She eventually got in contact with my mom and sent her a massive apology through text and told her how she just wanted to be a family again. Anyways, turns out she was moving house and since she barely has any friends or family that actually like her, she was using us to help her move (because 'paying someone to help is too expensive when I have family to help me'). Needless to say, no one else had an issue with my cast. Some of the kids at school playfully teased me about it, but it wasn't malicious and they were just more excited to sign my cast. Breaking your arm in school apparently makes you pretty popular when you're ten."

Father To The Rescue
Father To The Rescue

"My 9-year-old daughter is my whole world. Her mother and I split up when I found out she had been cheating. Problem is, her mother doesn't care about her health. She feeds her whatever she wants and even gives her coffee and donuts for breakfast sometimes. It's a mess. I've called CPA and the police for wellness checks, but it's gotten me nowhere. So since she was about 4, she's had a weight issue. My daughter is aware that she's overweight. She's teased constantly at school, so I've made it a habit to visit her at least three times a week for lunch, as she always asks me to come so she can eat in peace away from the bullies. This was my weekend with her, and she's enjoying basketball. She asked me this morning to go down to the park in our community to shoot some baskets. Of course, I said yes. When we get to the park, I immediately notice two kids cussing and throwing a basketball back and forth. We walk up to an unused court. I notice two adults sitting on a park bench nearby smoking and messing around on their phones. We're having fun when I hear it.

Kid 1: 'Get off the court fatty! We were about to use it, and you're too fat to play anyways! Look, you can't even make a shot!'

Kid 2: 'Yeah, maybe go home and use a treadmill!'

They both start laughing. I walk over.

Me; "First off, both of you watch your mouths, and do NOT insult my daughter again! Do you really think that's okay? You parents are doing something wrong!'

That's when those two adult parents come over.

Entitled Mom: 'Who do you think you are? Why are you yelling at my sweet boys?'

Me: 'Your 'precious boys' are insulting my daughter and calling her names! Do you two really think that's okay? To insult a child younger than them over something she's already bullied about at school? We're here trying to get some exercise in and play some basketball and just have fun. I don't need to deal with you and your punk boys insulting her!'

"Entitled Mom: 'They're doing her a favor, she's just embarrassing herself. I mean look at her! They're being honest, she shouldn't be here!'

They all started laughing. Literally two teens and two ADULTs laughing at my little girl, while she's standing behind me and trying so hard not to cry. I lost my mind.

Me: 'Alight listen, you two are COMPLETE TRASH! So they're being 'honest' and that's okay? Alright fine! Here's some honesty. Your sons are monsters, and I promise eventually another kid will stand up for themselves and knock their teeth out. You are both atrocious parents thinking that what your kids are doing is acceptable!'

Entitled Dad: 'Watch what you say to my wife and sons. Your daughter IS fat, deal with it.'

My Daughter: 'Yeah? And you're a mean man and you shouldn't say these things to people!'

Me: 'Watch what I say? Or what? You and your perfect little family seem to think honesty is alright, so I'm telling you, you all are monsters. I won't put up with any more of this! Especially id you say another word to my daughter, you're going to regret it!'

I was three inches from the father's face when I said this.

Me: 'We're not leaving! My daughter just wanted a fun day at the park, and I won't tolerate another negative word against her!'

These entitled parents look at each other before finally scoffing and calling their boys to go home. They walk back towards their house. I had a feeling they'd say something else, and I was sadly right. The Entitled Dad yells, 'Have fun with your fat daughter, punk!'

They hurry their walk. I start running after them. I was done and not putting up with this anymore, when I hear my daughter, in a calm voice, tell me, 'Daddy, just left them leave. Now we can play alone! Thanks for sticking up for me daddy, I'm so sick of bullies.'

Me: 'Always, and I know. Don't worry, let's just have some fun, and I'll always be there to help you.'

I give her a hug. We had a good time for the next hour shooting hoops and then went home. Never put up with bullying."

Misunderstanding Escalated So Fast
Misunderstanding Escalated So Fast

"For most of my life, I was raised by my grandfather. We live in a suburban area surrounded by woods, and he owns about 10 acres into the woods with the boundaries clearly marked by stone walls. One of these stone walls separated my grandfather's land from a cul-de-sac, and up until now, we have had zero problems with any of the neighbors. One of these neighbors had asked my grandfather if he could dump the sticks and leaves in his yard over the stone wall. My grandfather agreed, as he rarely uses that part of the property anyway. This will be important later.

My grandfather is very healthy for his age and still strong as an ox. That being said, he has a few minor health issues including vertigo spells, so I've been trying to help him around the yard more and more. A large pine had fallen a few months before and almost hit one of the porches in the cul-de-sac. My grandfather cut up the tree and removed the pieces in the neighbor's yard, but it was too deep in the woods to pull them out with the tractor. This lead to me going back to that pine tree and trying to clear a path back to the house from there. I was behind the stone wall, cutting and pulling up saplings when I hear the glass door of the cul-de-sac house open and an angry lady storming out onto the porch in a bathrobe. She was much younger than a typical Karen, I would say the mid-20s.

Karen: 'What are you doing here?! You can't be here!'

Me: 'Why not?'

Karen: 'Because you're trespassing, idiot! Do you think you can just hang out in the woods behind my house with my kids inside?! Get out of here before I call the cops!'

At this point, I'm just looking at her trying to figure out what to say. I mean I get it, it can be a little weird seeing someone in the woods behind your house if you haven't seen them before.

Me: 'Ma'am, I'm sorry if I scared you, but my family owns this part of the woods, I'm just cleaning up back here. Remember me and my grandfather were back here a few months back to take care of that tree that fell down? I just need to clear a path so we can get it out of here.'

At this point, I thought it was purely a misunderstanding.

Karen: 'Don't be ridiculous! Those were laborers my boyfriend's dad hired. You don't own the land! My boyfriend's dad owns all this! Now I'll tell you one more time to get out before I call the cops!'

Now I'm thinking I might be dealing with a genuine idiot as outside our property boundaries, the woods are owned by the town water plant and don't have public access. But I'm also taken aback that she referred to us as laborers.

Me: 'Guess you're going to have to call the cops then because I ain't moving. I don't care what you or your boyfriend say.'

I shrug as I lean back against the wall and pull out my phone to call my grandfather to tell him where I was. He tells me he'll be there in a few minutes and to hang tight. She then dramatically proceeds to call 911 and tells them there's a shady individual on her property refusing to leave, and she's afraid for her life. I start getting nervous at this point, even though all I have on me is a hooked branch cutter. So I call up the police non-emergency number, briefly explain the situation as just a land dispute that got out of hand, and that I am unarmed and waiting on my own property, and that I have never left my own property. He assured me that it would be settled when the officers arrive, which didn't help my nerves. Just then, I hear my grandfather pull up and see him walking through the yard towards us.

Karen: 'What?! Stay back, you can't come in my yard!'

He growled as he walked over to me and climbed over the wall so he was on my side.

Grandfather: 'Now who do you think you are and why are you yelling at my granddaughter?!'

Karen:'My boyfriend's dad owns all this and both of you are going to get arrested for trespassing!'

My grandfather let out a dramatic indignant laugh.

Grandfather: 'Oh did he tell you that?! Well, you're in for quite the shock. And your boyfriend's dad is in for quite the talk!'

After them yelling back and forth for a few minutes, two cop cars pull up and three officers come walking into the yard. As soon as they do, she starts screaming again about how we have no right to be in the woods behind her house where 'We can see her kids inside'.

Cop 1 asks my grandpa, 'Sir, do you own the property behind this wall?'

Grandfather: Yes, sir I do.'

He pulls out his wallet to show his address.

Cop One: 'Sir, this address is for down the street.'

Me: 'Correct, but if you look on Google Maps, it shows the property boundaries of that address reach out through the woods and end at this wall.'

I hand him my phone, which already has Google Maps open showing our exact location within the boundary of the property.

Cop Two: 'Yup, she's right. So what were you all doing back here if you don't mind me asking?'

We explained the situation of the tree and how we were working to remove the remnants, meanwhile the other officer was taking a statement from Karen.

Grandfather: 'I know the owner of this house, he's a good guy. I give him permission to dump his leaves and stuff behind the wall. But I've never seen HER before, so I don't know where she got those crazy ideas. But I'm definitely going to have a talk with Frank when he gets home.'

Cop One: 'She already called him up and he's on his way now. Do you mind sticking around for a little until he gets here?'

The cops walked us to my grandfather's truck where we waited about 10 minutes for Frank to pull in. When he did, he immediately walked over to the truck. Frank explains that Karen is his granddaughter's mother and his son had made some mistakes. Currently, both were staying with him while they tried to find a place of their own. He thinks maybe his son told some lies to make him look better.

The other cop is still talking to Karen, who won't stop screaming. My blood is boiling at this point. My grandpa is the type of person who would gladly throw his life away to save a child, any child. Even a stranger's. Frank heard this too and ordered Karen inside at once. He told the cops he needed to have a talk with both her and his son about their living situation, but they might want to remain nearby in case she tries to call again for whatever reason. My grandfather and I are given the clear to go, but we leave our contact information.

I found out later that week that Karen was getting evicted for a number of reasons, with this little incident being the last straw. He's also filing for custody of his granddaughter because Karen refuses to get a job yet still has money for smokes, yet keeps asking Frank for money to take care of his granddaughter.

I really feel bad for her in this situation, but I have no sympathy for Karen whatsoever. Entitlement at its best."

Psycho Step-Mom Stops At Nothing
Psycho Step-Mom Stops At Nothing

"I met my now-wife in high school, and she was six months pregnant at the time. When the baby was born, the biological father dropped out of school and changed his number to avoid his new child. By the time, the kid was eight months old, my now-wife and I had started dating. We graduated together, moved across the state to college, and we went on with our lives as a happy little family.

Fast-forward five years. We never heard from the biological father until our daughter was 5. Out of the blue, this guy (who was apparently living close by) messaged us online, asking to have our daughter over for the weekend. Apparently, he had gotten a new girlfriend pregnant, and they had rushed to get married. Now the new wife wanted to have 'his' daughter back.

Our daughter didn't know him, and we didn't know what to say at first. Out of curiosity, we checked both of their profiles, and I nearly fainted. For nearly a year, the Psycho Wife has been collecting photos of our daughter from anyone that would share a picture of her. Not only that, she was posting them on her profile, as if she had been the one to take them. This included shots from a Mother's Day photoshoot that we had paid for, and Psycho Wife posted them saying it was the best Mother's Day gift ever.

Scared and angry, we found it best to ignore their request. There was no way we could get our daughter to go along with spending the weekend at a stranger's house anyway. So they sued us for full custody and child support. My wife was served papers at her workplace. Immediately, we shut down our profiles (because that was where Psycho Wife knew where to send the papers) and told all of our friends and family to take down any pictures of our daughter. But that wasn't enough to stop this woman.

Turns out Psycho Wife had also made several fake profiles to add our friends and family too, in order to get information about us. There were seven fake profiles altogether. When we had them all removed and reported, Psycho Wife started sending her friends and family to snoop us out online. She showed up to our daughter's Christmas show at school when we didn't even tell them where she went to school. She repeatedly showed up at my wife's office to try to get her in trouble, and she repeatedly called the cops on us for several false incidents.

It turned out the biological father got visitation rights. My wife retained primary custody. Visits began slowly, so our daughter could get to know her biological father. Eventually, she would stay for an entire weekend, but our daughter never made it that far. She was forced to sleep on the floor in their basement, so she never wanted to stay there for more than one night. We opened the case for child support, and of course, the biological father tried everything he could not be responsible for child support. He tried every excuse.

Psycho Wife didn't stop trying to destroy our names online. One night when our daughter was at their house, we get the normal call to pick her up, only it was Psycho Wife on the other line. When we get to the pick-up point, our daughter is in tears. Turns out that Psycho Wife lost her cool when our daughter didn't want to stay the night again, so she sat our daughter down and read her the custody agreement line for line. Then, she looked our six-year-old angel in the eye and said she could have my wife arrested for not complying with the custody agreement. Psycho Wife was convinced that the only reason our daughter wouldn't like her is that we told her not to. Also, because she shared a birthday with our daughter, she INSISTED our daughter was supposed to be hers.

For the next week, I had to force our daughter onto the school bus in tears because she's convinced that I'll get arrested while she's at school, and I won't be there waiting for her in the afternoon. But this story ends with some poetic justice. Maybe this evil couple was tired of fighting, maybe they had realized how badly they had messed up, but before the next visitation, we got an email from our lawyer explaining that the biological father wanted to sign over his rights and allow me to formally adopt our daughter. We were ecstatic, obviously! We agreed and everything fell into place. She never had to see them again. Life got back to normal, and we began to heal.

But their story wasn't finished. Two weeks ago, I got a message from the biological father's sister-in-law, who never really took part in the harassment. She's married to his younger brother, and they just had their first baby. She was hoping we would consider letting our daughter get to know her baby since they are biologically cousins. That isn't the way we see family in this house, but I understand other people put an emphasis on DNA. It turns out, the three kids that Psycho Wife ended up having with the biological father are no longer allowed to visit his side of the family, and our daughter is the only biological cousin left.


Because DBD assaulted an 11-year-old girl he and Psycho Wife were supposed to be babysitting. He went to prison, and Psycho Wife divorced him, banning his entire family from seeing any of the kids. My heart bleeds for the little girl who had her life ruined."