"Everyone knows Kevin Spacey as an abusive clown now, but this was over ten years ago when he was in Superman Returns (the reboot with Kate Bosworth as Lois and Brandon Routh as Superman). I was working as a sound engineer in a post-production studio, and we were hired as the facility for the stars to record some post-filming dialogue. Like many places, we had a little setup for making coffees and lattes and stuff. Spacey came out on a break and started raising a stink about how we didn’t have a particular brand of vanilla syrup for the lattes, and basically said he would walk out if we didn’t go get some.

Well, the poor receptionist was sent all the way across town to some boutique store to go get this syrup. This was Los Angeles so that meant she was in two-plus hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic round trip. As soon as she made it back, she made the coffee for Spacey and brought it to him. We all saw this because work had been at a stoppage while she got the darn syrup.

He took one sip of the coffee and threw the cup in the trash, then looked at the girl and said, 'I just wanted to see if I could make you do it.'

And on top of that, he went home for the rest of the day. What. A. Clown."

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