His Coffee is Smoking Hot.

Sometimes old men say the funniest things. Reddit user shiznik tells their story about the old man who had the best one liner.

"Not that random but when I worked at a coffee shop an 80ish year old man took a sip and went 'DAMN! This coffee is hotter than my wife!' and it was pretty funny"

This Beanie Wearing Guy is So Deep.

Reddit user jacknash tells about his experience with a guy at the supermarket that was totally next level.

"I was in the supermarket and there was a guy in a beanie and aviator glasses just standing there next to the meat section.

I passed him a couple times before he turned to me and said -

'I am flying in the sky of imagination'."

Pick-up Expert Teaches Apprentice How to Smooth Talk the Ladies.

This Reddit user tells her story about when she became an older man's teaching lesson at the bar she worked at.

"I was a cocktail waitress at my parents bar and one night an older gentleman smiled at me and I politely smiled back. I gave him his drinks and he lightly took both of my hands and looked me square in the eyes and said -

'You look so beautiful tonight. Any man would be lucky to have you'.

My knees almost buckled I was so swooned. As I was walking away with an awkward smile on my face I heard him say to his friend.

'See, that's how it's done'."

He Sticks His Arm Out to the Runner and Says…

High five it or no? Reddit user slowpoke257 tells her encounter with a guy in a car nearby.

"I was running in the city and a guy stuck his arm out of the window and yelled, 'High five for exercise!' So I swerved toward him and gave him a high five. He exclaimed -

'I love this lady!'"