"I used to babysit for my next-door neighbor who had an eight-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy. I was 13 when I started babysitting for them. I knew off the bat the kids were an interesting duo, to say the least, and I have too many stories to tell from when I was watching them. We all went to school together, so when we got off the bus, we'd walk to their apartment and I'd watch them. I made sure we got homework done, and made them the 'snack of the day.'

One day, we had a half-day at school, but I think the mom forgot because when we walked into the apartment, I heard one of the doors shut. At the time, we thought it was an intruder, so I grabbed the five-year-old's baseball bat and told them to stay in the room.

I opened the bathroom door, and there was the mom, half-dressed, with a guy that wasn't her husband. She gave me all the money in her wallet and her business card (she was a photographer). Then she told me to never speak of it again. And because I caught her cheating, she gave me 400 bucks in cash and a 650 price photoshoot package for free. I took pictures for all the upcoming holidays, so I could keep giving gifts to my family. 

I babysat them for about three months after, before they moved away."