"We flew across the country for her sister's wedding. She actually texted me earlier that afternoon and told me she didn't want me to go. I spent the whole day thinking about it and decided this wasn't about me, or her, or us. It was about her sister and honoring her new union. I wanted to make sure I was there to support them. I left work early to catch our flight, and my wife was hanging out at our place with one of our good friends. She pretended like everything was normal, packed my suitcase (that she already unpacked while I was at work), and, without mentioning a word to me, asked her friend to drive us to the airport. It was once we parked that my wife decided to ignore me the rest of the night and pretend like I didn't exist. She didn't say a word to me the entire time since we parked at the airport. Once we landed at our destination, we walked to baggage claim. At the carousel, I picked up her bag when she took it out of my hand and calmly stated, 'None of my family knows you're here. I told them I came alone.'

She walked out of the airport and left me there. I didn't go to the wedding, BUT I did rent the nicest hotel I could find and the nicest rental car available. I had the time of my life alone for the rest of the weekend. 10/10 would splurge again. I never was told why she left me in the airport, but from what I've gathered, it was so she could get completely wasted at this wedding and hide her problem from me. When she flew home a few days later, she explained that all of this behavior was for me and my best interest. Yeah, sure! We're currently in the middle of the divorce process. This experience was just the cherry on top. We lasted two years. She moved out the day before our second anniversary. For several months, she would wake up in the middle of the night and scream at me about how horrible a husband I was until sunrise. She would lie to me about getting blackout wasted when I wasn't with her, gaslight our every conversation, and verbally and emotionally abuse me to just about every extent imaginable, all to make sure she always had her way. A few weeks after Airport Abandonment 2K17, I packed my bags and left the apartment for several days to get my head on straight. I texted her saying how disappointed I was, how unhappy she had made me, how she didn't care to put our marriage first, and how I really needed her to think about our future because this was the final straw. You know what her immediate response back to me was? 'Did you take the car?'

Narcissistic Personality Disorder made for some really fun scenarios."