"I'm a Type 1 diabetic who was prone to seizures when I was younger (all the way until about 20-years-old). The seizures always happened in the dawning hours, so most of the time when they happened, my mom or dad could hear me fall to the ground and could support me until I came through. My body also could move, but I was never conscious before I started seizing so it was very similar to sleepwalking while awake.

One time, I woke up, went downstairs, and had to lie down in an armchair with my back on one arm and my legs propped up on the other. My body was in a V-shape. Then I started to seize. When I seized this time, I had vomited but because of my body's position, I started choking on it and was unable to breathe while seizing.

Somehow I woke up alone in my living room on the floor, but my body was on its side, like how they teach you to prop a wasted person up to prevent them from choking on their own puke. When I got up, I was surrounded by my own vomit, urine, and poop because I had lost so much oxygen that all my muscles relaxed and let everything go. Yet somehow, the seizing motion or force of seizing rolled me off the armchair and onto my side perfectly to clear my esophagus of the vomit.

No one had heard anything upstairs because everyone was still sleeping, so my parents or sister could've found me dead on the floor if not for this freak accident. It still kind of makes me believe in a greater force sometimes, and I'm always grateful I'm still here."