It's an age-old question; are ghosts real? Many people are divided on if the creepy spirits actually exist. Plenty of people have had scary experiences, which can only be the work of a spooky specter. While ghosts may (or may not!) be real, but these spooky stories definitely are. After all, there’s nothing more scary than the truth. From creepy paranormal sightings to spooky supernatural encounters, there’s no better place for scary stories than Storyblend. Be sure to log in and save your favorite ghost stories, so you can come to your own conclusion on if these creepy phantoms exist.

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People Explain Why They Chose To 'Ghost' A Friend June 24, 2020
Break-ups happen every day. Everyone always talks about how sad breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend is, but what about a friendship break-up? There's no denying it can be incredibly painful for both ends. Especially if there's no concrete answer given as to why it happened. People on Reddit share the reason why they decided to 'ghost' a friend. Content has been edited for clarity.
People Share The Most Mysterious And Unexplainable Thing That’s Ever Happened To Them June 24, 2020
There are some things in this world that no amount of science can ever explain. Is it a ghost? Is it a psychic vision? The answer is unclear, but these people encountered some of the most frightening unexplainable events possible. Cue the X-Files theme song. Content has been edited for clarity.
Cemetery Workers Share The Strangest Thing They've Seen On The Job January 27, 2020
What was that sound? Was it just the wind? Someone breaking and entering? How can anyone be sure? It could very well have been a spirit. At least, that's what raced through the minds of these protagonists, as they reveal the creepy, unnerving encounters that are just a regular night on the job for them. This chilling content has been edited for clarity.
People Share The Secret That Would Ruin Their Life If It Ever Came Out May 1, 2019
We are all haunted by something. Perhaps a tragic moment from the past, an uncertain future, a ghost whispering threats in the wee hours of the night. But none of that may be as torturous as the part of our lives that we choose to conceal from others. As a cathartic exercise in expression, people went to Reddit to anonymously share the secret they have sworn to take to their graves, fearing that the life they hold dear would never be the same if properly revealed. These are the most shocking of them all. Content has been edited for clarity.
People Share The Most "Bone-Chilling" Thing A Loved One Ever Told Them January 22, 2020
No one is prepared for the moment that everything comes crashing down. All it takes is one sentence for a loved one to compeltely upend someone's life and make a lasting impression. The lives featured in these stories were never the same. All it took was one fategul day. THis content has been edited for clarity.
Entitled Mother Almost Kills 3-Year-Old Daughter After Display Of Ignorant Parenting At Ice Cream Shop September 26, 2019
People Reveal The Strangest Way They Caught Their Partner Cheating On Them December 20, 2019
No matter how it happens, discovering a partner has been cheating is absolutely heart wrenching. For these unfortunate souls, they uncovered their worst fears in the weirdest, most uncomfortable ways possible. This information would be difficult enough to hear, but imagine the family doctor, an actual detective, or a friendly movie theater instigating the drama! This unlucky content has been edited for clarity.
Wedding Shop Workers Share The Worst Bridezilla They've Ever Encountered: October 31, 2019
Lock the doors! Strap on the protective gear! Alert the authorities! The terrible Bridezilla is on a rampage, but will there be any survivors? These wedding shop employees worked with some of the most atrocious brides known to mankind. It seemed like these brides were out to make the entire wedding a nightmare from start to finish. At least these shop workers didn't have to marry these monsters! This wild content has been edited for clarity.
People Reveal Their Most Frightening Encounters At Work June 11, 2020
Horrific nightmares definitely weren't in the job description! These people encountered way more than they signed up for on the job, and it wasn't even limited to creepy night shifts! There are some truly terrifying customers out there. Content has been edited for clarity.
Night Owls Recall The Most Terrifying Experience They’ve Had In The Middle Of The Night August 4, 2020
Can anyone be sure they're really alone? Well, if they spend their time in these places, there are most certainly unexplainable events to always keep them on their toes. This seems like some pretty good evidence for ghosts. If you read these stories in the middle of the night, well, you've been warned. Content has been edited for clarity.