Let's be real, not a day goes by without something weird happening in our lives. It can be anything, from someone doing something completely outrageous and out of character, to someone saying something off-putting and weird. Although these moments can catch us off-guard, they can also be very entertaining to read. Which is why we've found of the most outrageous and weird stories on the web, and have them all in one easy place for you. People think they're the only ones who have done weird and uncomfortable things (whether it was on accident or not), but these stories show that's not always the case. Be sure to log in and save your favorite outrageous stories.

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People Reveal The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Found In A Hotel Room February 5, 2020
Usually, hotel housekeeping does an excellent job turning rooms over for their next guests. These people, however, were unfortunate enough to find some weird things in their rooms upon checking in. Makes one think about who else has stayed in the same room as them! Content has been edited for clarity.
Visitors Of The US Share Weird American Traditions Americans Don't Consider Weird January 8, 2020
As an American I'm always shocked to hear what's not considered "normal" in other countries that we Americans find to be either traditions or minor convinces. Things that we Americans normally take for granted like, free water at restaurants, will blow the minds of certain foreigners who visit the States. Even making small talk by asking a stranger "how they're doing" can throw some folks off. Don't believe me? Take it from these non-Americans who visited the US, and turned to Reddit to share some of the things we Americans do on the regular that seemed pretty weird to them. Content has been edited for clarity.
Hotel Staff Share The Wildest Thing They Ever Caught A Guest Doing February 28, 2020
Hotel workers have to deal with a lot. Cooking, cleaning, and so much more. While most of their day to day responsibilities stay the same, there's one thing that usually does not- the guests. Sometimes, the guests are polite and normal. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Hotel staff on Quora share the wildest thing they caught a guest doing. Content has been edited for clarity.
Domestic Workers For The Super Wealthy Share Their Weird Food Habits May 10, 2019
Rich people don't live lives like us normal folk. Their world is filled with caviar, Evian bottles, and other trappings of the uber wealthy. Even the way they treat food is totally different from how the "lower" class lives. A recent Reddit thread asked for stories about working with the super rich and the people of Reddit definitely delivered. Now we can all know how the other half really lives. Content has been edited for clarity.
Travelers Share Their Strangest Experience In A Foreign Land January 27, 2020
Blogs and online reviews can only prepare someone to a certain extent when visiting a foreign country. They are bound to encounter customs, traditions, and activities that feel totally bizarre. These people recount their weirdest, silliest, and most harrowing experiences while abroad. This global content has been edited for clarity.
People Share The Craziest Injuries That Made Their Doctor Say "How Could Anyone Survive That?!" December 3, 2019
On a daily basis, doctors see some weird things. Objects in places they should not be, medical issues unheard of, weird injuries, and so much more. But, what happens when a patient comes in with an issue so impossible, it's a surprise they're even alive? Sometimes, miracles really do happen. Doctors on Reddit share the injury that left them scratching their heads, because the patient definitely should not have survived what happened. Content has been edited for clarity.
Late Night Hikers Share The Most Unsettling Thing They've Seen On The Trails February 12, 2020
There's something hiding in the woods. Something watching their every move. Is this thing even human? What if it's something worse? These are the thoughts panicking the people in these stories. They experienced the unexplainable and terrifying events that can only take place in the bone-chilling woods at night. After reading these stories, hiking alone at night will definitely be out of the question. Content has been edited for clarity.
Airbnb Users Share Their Guest Horror Stories March 5, 2020
It takes a lot of courage to rent out a space to whoever may sign up. Often, that person can have more nefarious purposes in mind than expected. What seemed like a legitimate side-hustle quickly devolved into a massive nightmare for these owners. These people encountered just about every crisis imaginable. They'll have to go through an extra-extra-long screening process to make sure they don't have another disaster on their hands. Content has been edited for clarity.
Travelers Share Their Worst Hotel Experience Ever March 12, 2020
Hotels are usually a great place for people to stay while on vacation. They're clean, have everything a person could need for traveling, and are well within a person's budget. Expect, not every hotel can be as ideal as someone would like. Travelers on Reddit share the worst hotel experience they've ever had. Content has been edited for clarity.