"Around 2002, I was at my best friend’s house for the weekend with another friend. Now my friend lived pretty far from town, down a country road in the woods. Mind you,  this was in East Texas. You had to turn on a farm road, down a dirt road into the woods a couple of miles to get to his driveway, and then cross a small bridge over a pond to get back there. He basically lived in the middle of nowhere.

We had explored the woods around his house before but never went too far. This particular day we decided we were going to hike into the woods much further. We were walking for a couple of hours and came onto a path clearly made by a four-wheeler and followed it. At the end of the path, which was only a couple hundred feet, there was a small clearing in the woods, and in the middle was a cabin. The cabin was a couple of feet off the ground supported by blocks and had a front deck. We decided to check it out since we were dumb kids. The windows were all barred and the door was locked. But it got weirder. 

The cabin was surrounded by playground equipment, old playground equipment, made from the 1950s-1960s era. When we walked behind the cabin, that’s when we all got really scared. There were several mounds of dirt and shovels laying about, almost like graves but we couldn’t know for sure. We decided to leave at that point and then found our way back to my friend’s house. Things still got weirder. 

A few years later when we were all around 16 years old, it came up in conversation and we decided one day to go look for it again. This time we brought my buddy's .22 weapon, just in case. We eventually did find the path again and followed it, but this time as we got closer, we could hear people. We decided to peek through the brush and see. Everything about the cabin looked the same as before but this time there were four grown men with two four-wheelers standing there talking.

We were a couple of hundred feet away from them and watched them for maybe 30 seconds before one of them spotted us and yelled out to us. He got on his four-wheeler, and we ran. We ran as fast as we could until we couldn’t hear him anymore.

After that, we never went back and my friend moved closer to town that year. It still gets brought up in conversation sometimes and all of us have a real sick feeling about it."