"My friend told me about an old married couple that he had recently helped out. He had seen them come to the park several days in a row, and he found out they were visiting from out west. They had actually gotten engaged there decades prior. They had been searching for a spot they’d taken pics of where he popped the question, but they were having trouble finding it. After looking at the pics and figuring out roughly where they were trying to get to, my friend took them in his vehicle, then hiked with them to where he thought it would be. They found it, and he left them there and went back to his station at the entrance. He said he got a weird feeling once he got back. Specifically, he felt like he needed to wait and see them whenever they left. Well, once it came time to lock up at night, he still hadn’t seen them leave, so he reported it, left his assistant to wait at the entrance, and went back to where he left them.

He found both of them lying down, spooning along the bank of the river. Neither were alive. He called the cops. He went through the nine yards, and finally went home. The police were able to disclose to him their identities, but weren’t sure anything else initially. Later he learned that the wife was terminally ill with cancer, and they had both offed themselves by ingesting something. They just chose to do it where they had gotten engaged at. My bud wasn’t torn up about it. He was obviously sad for about them dying, but said that he thought they hadn’t asked for help earlier because they didn’t want anyone to think they helped kill them."