"My best bud was dating this girl for over two years. They were like the best looking couple I have ever seen. They were living together in his house. Her family loved him and was happy that their golden child found her soulmate. One day he caught her texting her ex. He was reading all her messages from his iPad, which was synced with her phone. It was a boundary that was established earlier, and she crossed it. However, he didn’t break up with her. He started taking screenshots of all the messages and pics. After a month or so later, she decided to meet her ex at Vegas using 'girl’s night' as an excuse. She arranged two of her friends to give her cover while she was in Vegas. The second her flight took off, he changed his locks. He blocked her number and all of her social media. He called us to his house to help him pack her stuff and drop it at her friend's house who 'was in Vegas'.

As a final strike against her, he went to her parent’s house and told them what had happened. He also showed them all the screenshots and pics. They couldn’t believe that their golden child would do something so evil. The cheating did make them mad. But what made them hate her were the texts where she trashed everyone, including her parents. One of which made fun of her mother’s weight issue and gave her parent’s marriage six months time, after which she would hire someone to seduce her Dad, as 'he deserved someone hotter than Mom'. Her parents hate her now. She is now roommates with some sketchy folks. One of the friends who tried to give her cover was dumped by her boyfriend for being a part of this plan. Would recommend doing this to your cheating partner."