"I worked at a Beef O' Brady's while going to college. As a guy working in a family sports bar, tips weren't the best but I'd occasionally get a few guys watching a game and would get to sit and shoot the breeze with them. We serve a chicken sandwich, which is really just one step above a McChicken. The lady and her family order and she request extra mayo, no big deal. Since it's slow the order comes out fairly quickly and before I can put the rest of the baskets down she's already complaining about not getting extra mayo.

There was already a side container of mayo on her basket, plus the mayo on her sandwich, but she wanted more. I apologized and grabbed another two plastic cups of mayo. Before I can even set the cups down she responds with, 'Are you slow or just deaf?' I'm a little taken back and frankly a bit ticked off since she now has three, 2 oz cups of mayo and what's on her sandwich. All this time her family is eating their respective meals and has that all too familiar look of shame. They know this has happened before and the outcome.

She has me call my manager over and berates me as I tend other tables. It was slow so it was pretty quiet, except for a little background tv noise, which she easily shouted over. My manager has me grab one of the soup bowls and fills it with mayo. This is easily a cup of pure mayonnaise, plus what is already on the table. I drop it off at her table and ask if there is anything else I can get them.

Her response was, 'Now you're just being a prick!' She wolfs down her sandwich and every drop of mayonnaise. I am not exaggerating when I say she consumed over a cup of mayonnaise for a chicken sandwich. They quickly pay and bolt before I could come back around the corner. Morons left me a .27 cent tip. The upside is a regular couple of mine saw what was going on and rightly assumed they would stiff me, so they made up for them. The greatest couple I ever served, but that's a different story for a different time."