I can't imagine the fear that comes when you wake up and a stranger is inside the house. Complete. Terror. This Reddit User didn't just have someone in the house, but discovered someone actually living hidden among the family!

"I woke up, groggy and confused and needing to pee very very badly, and suddenly I heard a voice. With 8 people in the house, that wasn't uncommon; someone had probably gotten up to go to the washroom and either started talking to someone else or they had answered the phone. Well, it turns out that couldn't have been possible because I didn't recognize the voice. That was what immediately woke me up, and I froze, clutching my blanket while sitting up in bed.

It was a man; his voice wasn't deep and he kept prattling on about some 'treasure'. He was right outside the door, but he never turned the doorknob or made any attempt at entering one of the rooms. He just kept passing by, as if pacing, all the while talking to himself about a 'treasure'. I was terrified and looked over to my aunt, who was sound asleep. I still don't know how I managed to not wet the bed. Eventually, the voice went silent, and I somehow fell asleep. The next morning, everyone is doing their thing, getting ready for work or school or busy in the kitchen, so I assumed it was just a dream. I really wish I'd kept my mouth shut. As I'm eating breakfast, I told my mom and grandmother (who were both in the kitchen) about the voice and laughed at how weird the brain is. They froze. Everyone froze. It turns out the voice was real. I hadn't mentioned his obsession with a 'treasure', but my grandfather did. As did my mother. And brother. Everyone agreed about the 'treasure'. Apparently, the man had combed the entire house, but he never actually entered any of the rooms. Nothing was stolen, all the doors were locked, and all the windows had screens, none of which were missing.

Two weeks later, while I was helping my grandparents clean the garage, my grandmother found several empty Coke cans behind the old sofa, which had been up against one of the walls for quite some time. There were also empty bags of chips, candy wrappers, and fruit cores and peels. All of which were taken from the garage. The sofa was high enough for someone to lay underneath. He had been inside our house. Inside our garage. We still don't know who he was, how he got in, and, most importantly: How long had he been inside our home?"