There's that saying "different strokes for different folks". Everyone has different things they are interested in, whether it's just life in general or in a romantic setting. Some people fulfill their fantasies in real life, while others choose to read romance novels. I never quite understood the appeal to these types of novels because they are sometimes repetitive and quite frankly, a little raunchy. But in any case, they definitely appeal to the masses of women, and I am learning more and more that they even appeal to women's partners. This story was shared on our Storyblend Facebook Group and it was quite a hit.

"I noticed the past couple of days that my romance novels were not exactly on the same page I left off on and thought that was weird...

Then, the other night my husband and I were making love and things began to escalate a little bit more than normal. My husband put his hand around my neck and pulled me back against his chest and demanded I come for him!"

Wowza! Her real life was turning into a romance novel and she didn't even know... Makes a little bit more sense about what was going on with the pages in her book. Her hubby was learning some new things to help fulfill her fantasies. MEN - take notes!

"I was like, who are you and what have you done with my husband?!?

Don't get me wrong, we have an amazing healthy relationship, but this was new!"

What would you do? Do we really know our spouses all that well? I'm sure everyone has some deep secrets they keep locked away.

"The next day when I picked up my book I realized that what I had experienced the night before was the last sex scene that was not left on the proper page in my book...! My husband read my book to see what I would like and reenacted it!

I'm embarrassed but also blown away by the attention he puts into making me happy!"

Go hubby! What a way to make a wifey's dreams come true. For all the men out there reading this, take notes. It will only be to your advantage.