Using coupons appears to be pretty basic if you're using one coupon for one item. H010CR0N shares an experience when using a coupon includes logic and math and the voice of authority. If this were to happen during quarantine - this customer would NOT have argued about having to get more!

"This is a story from my days at a grocery store that is very popular in New York and New Jersey. The week this story took place, the store had sent out in its Sunday Coupons with a coupon for some money off 8 rolls of toilet paper. When this man got to my register this is what went down:

Me: 'Hello! Do you have any coupons, rain checks or your store card?'

Customer: 'Yes I have this coupon for this toilet paper.'

When he hands the coupon over, I check the date on the coupon and read all the fine print. I immediately see that the coupon says the discount is for 8 or more rolls, but I can clearly see that he is putting a 4 pack onto the belt.

Me: 'Excuse me sir, do you have another package of rolls with you? This coupon will need 8 or more rolls to be authorized.'

Customer: 'No, it says 4 rolls equals 16, so I have enough.' (The package does say 4 equals 16, but we both know it means the PHYSICAL rolls not what they can replace)

Me: 'I'm sorry, but the coupon is looking for what is actually being purchased, not what you are replacing. You will need to get some more rolls to make this coupon work.'

Customer: 'But I have 16 rolls.'

Me: 'No you don't, you have 4.'

Customer: 'But it says 16!' (He was getting a bit upset at this point)

Me: 'Sir, it could say 16, 32 or 2340. You still would only have 4 rolls in the package.' (I am still calm at this point, but getting a bit frustrated that this man can't count physical objects)

Me: 'Would you want me to get a Manager to help explain things?'

Customer: 'Yes!'

I am about to call a manager, when the Store Manager comes over having seen the commotion.

Manager: 'Is there an issue?'

Me: 'Yes...'

Customer: 'He won't let me use my coupon!'

Me: 'It says its for 8 or more rolls and he only has 4.'

Manager: 'You will need 8 or more to use this coupon. I'm sorry that is just how to coupon will work.'

Customer: 'Okay. (Turns to me) Why didn't you just say so!'

Me: (wishing my eyes could burn people into ashes) 'Sorry I wasn't clearer in my wording.'

The customer then went and got some more rolls and the transaction went through fine."