Have you ever seen a ghost? Did you know it was a ghost at the time or did it look like a real person just walking by? To this railroad guy, it was just another person checking out the scene of an accident until he realized it was more than that.

"My dad, who is a no-nonsense six-foot six-inch man, came home one night after a derailment and was white as a sheet. He told my mom he met a man walking away from the derailment, which was in the middle of the woods. He didn't think it was too weird because some people check out wrecks and derailments. Anyway, my dad gets to the derailment and says hey to my uncle. The cause of the derailment was a truck that had been hit and then pushed by the engine. Now, none of this is weird until my dad sees the man in the truck...it looked like a beat-up version of the man he met on the way to the derailment. He got the man's driver's license when the sheriff's deputy showed up. The way my uncle put it was 'your dad almost passed out and had to sit down. He didn't say why because you don't do that around railroad men.'"