A bride always hopes for her wedding day to be perfect. Everything leading up to the big day is often stressful and overwhelming, especially when a future mother-in-law asserts her opinion in the planning. This story from one of our Storyblend Readers is sure to take you on the ups and downs she experienced while planning her special day.

"Mother-in-law is paying for reception. She comes with us to the venue to set the plans. They asked, "smoking or non-smoking". I reply non-smoking because I get sinus infections from being around any smoke. In addition, my two young sons have allergies and asthma. She convinced my husband that it would be rude to ask "HER" family to smoke in the hallway. I replied, "I don't want a sinus infection on my wedding night so the wedding is off." I walked to the car. My husband and MIL join me. Two miles away, he realizes I am serious and gives in. No smoking. She wasn't happy until she told her family how horrible I was for inconveniencing them. They told her it was fine and they didn't want my sons and I getting sick.

Fast forward to a week before the wedding. I had designed and made my wedding dress. I spent $300 on fabric and lace. I had arranged to have it hemmed by a professional. My MIL offered to pin it for me so I could just drop it off in the morning. When she was done, I noticed drops of blood around the entire perimeter of the bottom. She had pricked her finger with every pin! The seamstress still hemmed it and I found a dry cleaner to remove the stains while I waited.

Now two nights before the wedding, we are at the rehearsal. MIL who is a devout Catholic when convenient notices that the chapel at my Non-Denominational Christian Church doesn't have a Cross in it. Therefore since her son is NOT getting married in a real church, she won't be there. He didn't care. But I was trying to be nice and came up with an idea. My bridesmaid and I got a styrofoam cross( yes the kind for gravesites). She wrapped it in extra dress satin and plugged in flowers from my bouquet. The night before the ceremony, I hung it from fishing line above the podium and draped sheer fabric over it. THAT made it a church in her eyes. To this day, I still ask why did I even bother. I had 3 hrs of sleep before my wedding and broke out in hives that morning. It was a morning wedding and nothing was open to get Benadryl."