"I was up in the middle of the night with our crying seven-week-old baby as usual, and walking around the house with her was the only thing that would calm her down. I was walking around and I picked up my husband's work pants from the previous day off the bathroom floor to put in the laundry. When I picked them up, I felt something in the pocket, so I pulled it out and saw it was a handwritten letter. I proceeded to read a four page letter from my husband's seventeen-year-old girlfriend. He was 26. I read the entire letter while holding our newborn baby in my other arm. This woman knew all about me and our baby and was begging him to leave us. It turns out that he had been seeing her on the side after work and every other chance that he got. The fact he had suddenly needed to go get smokes all the time at night and would be gone an hour when the store was only five minutes away suddenly made sense. This is something I normally would have noticed and questioned immediately, but being tired and overwhelmed from being a first time mom had me off my game, which he knew and took full advantage of. Of course we divorced soon after. I'm now remarried to the best husband in the world, while my ex-husband is in prison for the millionth time. The girl he had an affair with is now 34, living with her mom, has three kids with different dads, one of whom is my ex. No one married her, and she was cheated on repeatedly. That's karma at its finest my friends!"