"I carefully corrected my coworker after she gave a visitor very, very incorrect information that would have messed up their entire tour (they wanted to bring 60 kids to the park and go on our guided bus tour, which maxes out at 34. She said it was totally okay to bring the 60 and they'd take them anyway). She said I should never correct her ever and it was rude and she knew what she was doing. She didn't speak to me for three months.

This woman also called the cops to file a missing person report because she couldn't find our boss to ask her a question (she was on the other side of the site for the day, which we knew). The horrible thing is that she asked a number of people where our boss was. We all told her she couldn't get phone service from the site's location.

We were short-staffed that day and she was worried that she might have to stay 10 minutes late because she'd have to wait for someone to cover for her. She was new to our department, in which it's a weird day if you DON'T have to stay late. She was so hung up on leaving at exactly 5:00 that she had to absolutely find our boss to make sure someone would be there at 4:55 to cover her for the last bit of the day. This was so urgent that she needed the cops to go get our boss so that she could ask them a question.

She also murdered one of her pets. Her bird's feathers were molting, which she took as it being sick, so she let it outside in the middle of winter to die."