"I went backpacking on my home island in Hawaii; there's this trail that goes all the way around the island called the Kings Trail. This trail has been known to have a particular bloody past with many murders happening near it in one particular area (now covered by lava, in the 1970s). The legend goes if you sleep or are awake and you see men walking along with clubs or torches, you are near death.

I was off the beaten path about 12 miles from a highway and another 15 to any hospital. It was two am, and I got up to take a leak about 10 feet from my tent; it was a nearly moonless night with a few clouds. I finished up, got back to my tent, and just as I was getting inside, I heard rustling, then grunts.. Which sounded almost human.

I quickly grabbed a knife and a flashlight, and I left the tent. I quietly walked into the tall grass opposite to where I heard the sound. I stood still, trying to pinpoint the location.

Ten minutes go by, and the sound picked up again. At this point, I was on my hands and knees circling around behind to where they were coming from; could have been no more than 20 feet. I threw a large rock five feet from where I could perceive the sound coming from. As soon as the rock hit the ground, the largest boar I had ever seen bolts out of the long grass. I watched it run for a bit until it disappears from my view. At that moment, I felt nothing, I felt ready. But as soon as the boar had left, panic set in, heavy breathing, sweating, the full nine yards. I immediately packed all my stuff and moved right onto a beach where there was no grass or trees for 100 feet."