"My spouse and I had just purchased a new home in an adorable neighborhood.

We were on one of our many Home Depot trips. While my husband was loading up the cart with mulch, this guy comes up to me and asks me a question. The way he was speaking, I couldn’t understand him. I couldn’t even tell what language he was speaking.

I said loudly, 'I’m sorry, I don’t work here.'

Then I walked away.

As I was looking at flowers, I noticed this guy was staring at me while pretending to look at mums. When I moved around the store, he was drifting after me while pretending to browse. At this point, I was thinking I'm overreacting, but I was just going to keep a closer eye on this guy. I got in line with my husband. The man moved to the mum display and was continuing to stare at us.

I told my husband, 'Don’t look, but there is some weird guy over there.'

My husband asked me what I mean, and I said, 'I think he’s looking at us.'

As we pay and walked to our car, I saw the guy shadow us and hide behind a tall plant display, blatantly staring at us from between the plants.

Now I’m freaked, so I told my husband to get in right away and lock the doors. As soon as we got in the car, this dude sprinted through the parking lot to his car. I saw clearly which car he got into. I told my husband not to drive yet, and to wait for this guy to leave the parking lot. Minutes go by and it’s clear he’s not leaving. I directed my husband to pull out, but not to leave. As soon as we pulled out, the guy reversed his car and pulled out. We drove partially up a row. He drove partially up a row. We circled the lot. So does he. It’s confirmed: he’s trying to follow us home. Now my husband was freaked out too, and so he does a fancy maneuver to cut the car off on the way out of the parking lot and block him, and then speeds out of another exit. We jumped on the highway and we drive around for a bit until we’re sure we’ve lost him.

While I never heard of any crimes committed by someone matching the description of the guy who followed me, that is not unusual since I don’t watch or read local news. We are convinced my keeping an eye on this guy’s behavior saved us from something horrible."