"My mom thought she was being overcharged 12 cents and freaked out at the poor Dairy Queen drive-thru dude. He was probably in high school and here’s my 'adult' mom screaming at him for overcharging her like 12 cents. Some of her exact words were, 'Are you on crack?? What the heck is wrong with you? I can’t believe this is happening right now! You’re wasting my time!'

The usual flip out. Also, she mentioned her work... she loves bringing up that she works at a certain big business, as if that gives her more authority to be a brat to people. But the Dairy Queen incident was special. Because just before going to get ice cream, my best friend and I had spent some quarters on giant fuzzy mustache stickers. So there we are in the backseat, rubbing our giant fake mustaches and staring at this kid getting screamed at by my mom. Dairy Queen dude was holding in laughter the entire time. I hope our mustaches made the raging mom incident less terrifying for him.

She did demand the manager, who just shrugged her off and didn’t care."