Have you ever thought about trying a "No-Plan" Trip? Hopefully this man's experience is enough to convince you to try it sometime!

"Back around 1987 when my then-wife and I happened to both get a little over two weeks off and at the same time. We were in Rochester, New York at the time, and for whatever reason, we decided 'Let’s go to Toronto.'

Then I thought, Let’s go to Montreal. I’d been up there a couple of times a decade before and she never had.

Then we decided, let’s drive and see any and everything we can. We free-formed it all the way over to Montreal. Had a great couple of days there and then back to Toronto. From classic old world to modern high tech all in one trip. The two cities are great and offer wonderful contrast. (Also, Canadians are very hospitable people.)

But the big deal was that it was all unscripted. We didn’t make and check reservations 12 times, had no schedule to keep, including that of some airline or other mode of transportation. Things that might annoy on a carefully planned trip were all part of the adventure this time.

The only one close was another trip we took, this time unfortunately only four days, but again no plan. Just get in car, decide on a destination and wing it from there. Yep, everything can and will go wrong but you don’t care because you’re not following any pre-ordained plan of what should happen.

I think everyone should once in their life do a no plan trip. Yes, you can apply a little reason. After all, we were in Canada, not some far off land where we knew nothing of the language or customs. And if an upscale hotel was full, we could survive a night in a roadside motel that seemed to be more used for locals for that after-the-bar adventure. That’s not the same as finding yourself in the middle of a jungle or the desert with no food, water or protection."