"When I was a little boy, I went food shopping with my dad. My mom needed some bananas for a special dessert she was making for guests coming that day. We needed about 15 pounds of bananas, so my dad took a big carrier bag which happened to belong to the supermarket we were going to.

In the supermarket, we put the bananas in a big bag, and did some other shopping. At the checkout, we put the bag of bananas on the conveyor belt and the other items. I noticed that the cashier did not charge us for the bananas. She thought as they were in their own bag, we must have paid for it already.

We went home, my mom prepared the food and the desserts. The guests arrived and after a while, they were invited to the dinner table. At the dinner table, I told my dad the story about the cashier.

My dad asked everyone to stop eating, he rushed out of the house and when he returned, he said, 'Go ahead you may continue eating.'

My dad explained that the food had not been paid for and therefore it was not ours to be consumed until he had paid for it. That event had a big impact on me, I decided like my father never to have anything that I had not been charged for."

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