A table at a busy pub, an exciting game playing on the TV's, what more could you ask for? Reddit user Jakku-Kun's customer asks for the impossible.

"I'm a hostess at a pub during breaks from school.

Nothing special, just your run of the mill Irish pub. I'm scheduled to work Sunday Brunches every week, normally these are no big deal unless there's a game on. When the world cup final rolled around, naturally things got very busy very quickly. Whenever there's a special event like that on TV, we can expect to have a wait list about 30-minutes long on a good day.

One Sunday morning, I was the only hostess on staff during the world cup final. Because of this I didn't have time to talk to customers any more so than, 'Here is your table, your server will be right with you. Enjoy!'

Things are running smoothly, if not a bit chaotic for most of the morning.

Then this mom shows up. She comes in and requests a table in view of multiple different TV's as she has a large family, and I oblige giving her the last table in the only section with more than one TV. The table is in full view of 3 TVs and partial view of a fourth with only a support beam in the way of 1 seat at the table.

This woman looks at the table, thanks me for the service and goes to sit at the one chair partially blocked by the support beam.

'This simply just won't do!' she says. After asking what's wrong with the table and showing her the three other TVs in view, she proceeds to get very upset.

'I can't see the game on the biggest TV! This pole is in my way!'

I'm getting really annoyed at this point as this woman is preventing me from doing my job and a line of people is forming at the host stand that I cannot serve. I try to explain that this is the only section with multiple different TVs and ask if she'd be okay with a booth in view of a singular screen instead. No dice. She insists that this table is the only one that will be capable of pleasing her family, and then asks me to move the 'decorative pole' so she could see.

I tried to explain by politely saying, 'Ma'am, this is a support beam. I cannot move this.'

At this point, I've been standing here for a solid 5 minutes during one of the busiest shifts of the year, so I'm getting fairly annoyed with this woman.

We go back and forth about the support beam and eventually she gives up with me and then asks one of the servers to move it for her, claiming 'That hostess girl was just too weak to move this. Can you please move it for me and my family?'

The server naturally told her the same thing. After that, she decides to just deal with the table and 'decorative pole' while constantly complaining to the server about it throughout her meal.

Months later, I still give her that exact table every time she comes in out of spite.

PSA: Be nice to your hostess and wait staff, they deal with a lot of idiots."