"I'm employed at a Dunkin Donuts. I work all shifts, and during the third week, on my first-morning shift, we were in the middle of a crazy rush. The line must have been about 15 customers, and we'd had two people call off.

One lady was near the end of the line, checking her watch every few seconds. After a minute or two, she was third in line and decided to yell her order. Three sandwiches, two lattes, and a frozen coffee with almond milk (which we can't even do because we don't use it in the blender in case anyone has an allergy to nuts).

I tell her to hold on, there are two customers before her, and we're making three or four items per area at the moment. She gives me her dagger stare and shuts up while the other two are taken care of. I ask her 'Hi, hon, how are you today?'

She just repeats her order, and when I tell her about the frozen drink and the almond milk, she just says, 'F**k it, make it with skim milk. Come on, I'm late for work!'

'Of course! Would you like a donut or some hash browns today?' I say.

I could barely keep a straight face at this point.

'No, dang it. I f**king don't!' I tell her the price and she fights with the credit machine. It goes through, and she asks where her stuff is. Right away. The machine was still finishing its confirmation chime!

'We just started making it, ma'am. We start orders once they are paid for. And we were busy. There are still 10 people behind you waiting patiently.' I smile at one of my regulars and ask how they are.

'We were talking here, moron!' The woman at my counter yells at me. 'Our transaction is finished, sweetie. Your order will be ready at the next counter in a few minutes.'

As I head to the breakfast station, I see her take $4 out of my tip jar, and wait for her stuff. About three minutes later, I hand her food minus a sandwich. She checks her bag with me standing there, and asks for it.

'No ma'am. You stole $4 out of my tips. I figure I can't let you have this sandwich unless you give it back.'

'F**k that! Hand it over!'

I finally blew up and just ripped right into her.

'You are being rude because of a wait! If you don't like it, get moving earlier or shut it. This is mine, now.' I squish the sandwich in its wrapper and throw it in the trash. She left, ticked off. I felt great. My manager gave me a quick grin while the customers watched the woman storm out. Idiot never came back as far as I know."