"I could go on forever about the insane things people say to me at the grocery store where I work.

I asked a woman once how her weekend went. She replied with:

'Well, I have to take care of my mother and my mother-in-law full time because they're on hospice and I can't work because I have spinal meningitis and the pain is too bad. This weekend I had to drive my sister to three different hospitals to see specialists for her cerebral palsy and visit my uncle who has eye cancer.'

Now, here it's important to note that this woman was buying nothing but sixteen gallons of distilled water.

'That's why I'm buying this water. I use it to make a tea that cures cancer. I can see you have freckles so you're going to get skin cancer someday. Let me write down the recipe for you. It really works my uncle was supposed to die a year ago but hasn't because I make him this tea.'

Another time I had an old man use pennies as a segue into a rant about how Canada was going to collapse because of refugees and socialism and we should behead all Muslims and burn down the Middle East.

Once I had a man tell me that I was only happy and smiling because I wasn't old enough to realize that life is nothing but pain and suffering and waiting to die.

Oh, and then Cancer Tea Lady came back and told me she had adopted an eleven-year-old dog with fifteen puppies that would have been put down without her because it had cancer but she had cured it with her tea and was not suffering taking care of the fifteen puppies.

She then came back again buying ten trays of chicken that she claimed she couldn't touch because she was allergic to all meat and it would make her skin rot."