"I worked for a boutique hotel (you know, small, cute, crazy expensive) as an operations manager. Basically, unless the area manager had to come in, I was the law. I get a frantic call during my down time from an employee, claiming our overnight guy tried to assault him. I have a sigh, as the guy freaking out is notorious for being a drama queen. I load up the security camera on my home PC, go to the time frame, and holy cow. Our night guy legitimately lunged at his coworker and tried to strangle him! Luckily a desk was between them, and that gave the victim time to bolt. Instantly I felt like an idiot for doubting him. Well, this is when I call in the area manager. We show up at the crack of dawn and speak with the dude who made the attack, and he claims he didn't do it. We show him the video, and I kid you not he responds with, 'I don't recall the events of that evening.' 

We fired him on the spot. What started the fight you ask? Well, the victim had done extra work to make the attacker's shift easier. The attacker felt like this was an insult to his work ethic. Oh, and I got multiple reference requests from similar hotels asking for a good reference. I simply said I wasn't able to provide a positive reference, as legally that was all I could say."