"After my freshman year of college, I met a guy through online dating We went to get dinner at Friday's as our first date. He offered to give me a ride, but I said no. He was a couple years older, well dressed, and started talking about how he had started his own business after college and it was going well. Good for him! He was bragging a bit, but hey, that's a genuine accomplishment. So after we ordered, he said, 'Let's play a game: we'll each take out our wallets and compare what's in them.' This wasn't a joke. He literally started showing me his credit cards and bragging about the high limits. He ended with, 'Clearly you can't afford to pay for this dinner, but don't worry, I can cover you.' I was so angry and protested, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. As we left, he said he wanted to show me his car. Unfortunately, it was before mine in the lot, so I had to walk by it. It was a white, windowless, serial killer van. He begged me to hook up with him in it, right there in the Friday's parking lot. I was pretty glad I drove separately."