One of our Storyblenders shared a story on our Storyblend Facebook Group about how he and his friend were quite the pranksters. They had both been working at a National Park and ended up pulling a prank so good and hilarious that it continues to make them laugh even many years after the fact. 

"I was working at Bryce Canyon National Park towards the end of the season before they closed up the park for winter.

My friend and I we were young and loved to play pranks. My friend, who I will call Trojan, was around 5'11", skinny as a rail, had fine features and had long blonde straight hair that went midway down his back.

Halloween was coming up and all the employees all over the park were invited to a party. We and a bunch of the girls that worked with us decided to dress Trojan up as a girl, and not tell anyone else. So it was finally the day of the party and after we all get off work the girls got to play dress up with my buddy.

I watch the transition, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing. They started with his hair, washing and curling, and finishing it off with a little hair spray. One of the girls shaved his legs, helped him put on panties and nylon stockings. They even thought he should have gigantic boobs to really add to the image, but no one had a bra that big and we wanted it to be as realistic as possible. We settled for a B cup and used water balloons for his milk jugs. After putting him in a pretty shirt, her really looked like a girl. Finally he got to pick out a skirt and he chose a hot pink mini skirt that barely went halfway down his thighs. After he was dressed, they did his makeup. They really did a great job hiding his Adam's apple. The next thing he had to do was learn how to walk in heels, which was hilarious.

It was not quite time for the party yet, and I'm not ashamed to say it, but Trojan looked... GOOD! He was sitting next to me and had to ask me to stop looking at his legs. I couldn't help myself. I know he's a guy but I couldn't stop. It was embarrassing back then, now it just makes me laugh when I think of it.

We walked to the party and as we got closer we can see people wondering who the new girl is. He was getting a lot of looks from guys he has worked closely with for the past few months. No one approached us at that point and we were all glad cause we didn't know if the costume would hold up to a close inspection.

We go into the party and sit down on a couch. Guys all over the party are all googly eyed over him. Finally one guy, Mike, comes over and sits next to him and started flirting with Trojan. He didn't have a clue it was Trojan and Mike worked with him every day. We were all wondering why he didn't see it, but figured later he was too distracted by the short skirt and Trojan's legs, perhaps even his water boobies.

This goes on for over an hour, Trojan has a very deep voice but he wasn't talking. Trojan would just giggle in a high voice at Mike's jokes or put a hand on Mike's knee. I don't know how I ever kept a straight face through it all.

So Trojan was getting a little irritated and tired of Mike's constant fawning and finally in his very deep voice, looks at Mike in the eye and says "Dude, you know I'm a guy, right?" Mike's eyes just about popped right out of his head, he stands up fast gets lightheaded and falls on his butt. Then he stands up again and says "WHAT THE!!!!!" Then he turned and ran out of the party.

We let everyone else in on the joke and we all had one hell of a laugh over it. Needless to say Trojan won the costume contest, $100 and dinner at one of the restaurants in the park.

The kicker? We worked there for about another two weeks and Mike wouldn't even look at Trojan. If it was possible he'd leave as soon as Trojan walked into the room. We laughed about it every time, but I'm sure Mike got teased a fair amount about the whole thing. I also wanted to mention that Trojan is now very sympathetic with what girls go through and promised he would never treat a girl like that again. We both did."