"I learned that my wife had cheated after she passed away from cancer. It was the worst feeling ever. I was caught between unending love, mourning, and absolute anger. A lot of times, I didn’t want to be around anymore. My family, friends, and God are what pulled me through the worst of it. It’s been three years since she passed, and I’m the only one who knows about her other life. I didn’t ruin her name to her friends or family, but my image of her is forever shattered. I did forgive her eventually, and I am now living with my current girlfriend and am happy again. She didn’t know she had cancer. We went to the ER about her severe stomach pains. A CT scan picked up these spots in her lungs and ovaries. From the day of the diagnosis, it took two months for the ovarian cancer to take her.

A week before she passed, she and I took the passwords off her phone, so I could respond to her texts and take care of her business. After she passed, maybe a week or two after, I explored her phone and found numerous intimate texts and emails. I believe the cheating started before she had the cancer. But then again, when we found the cancer, it was already at stage four and was spreading, so who knows. I hated her for a bit, but she was the one and only true love I ever had at that point. I was torn between mourning and anger. Some days I would visit her grave sobbing while in mourning. Other days, I went and talked so angrily to her tombstone. She never said sorry outright. The only thing I think she said that would be something of an apology was about two weeks before she passed. Of course, with cancer destroying her, I would help her shower, eat, change, and use the restroom. While I was helping her out with the various tasks, she told me how she didn't deserve me, specifically, she didn't deserve me caring for her so much. I didn't understand her words at the time. I really understood what she was referring to much later."