"I was babysitting my neighbor’s seven and two-year-olds. We were sitting on the ground, playing with some building blocks that they had received for Christmas. The baby, naturally, had a lot of energy, so she started throwing blocks into the air. One block happened to find its way under the couch. I told the oldest to try to find the block while I changed the baby’s diaper.

When I came back, the oldest was holding a purple object. She looked confused and was examining it carefully.

Me: 'What is that, Rachel?'

Rachel: 'I don’t know. I found it under the couch. I got the block, though.'

Me: 'Let me see that.'

She handed it to me, still looking really confused.

Me: 'Why is it sticky?'

I took a closer look and realized with great disgust that it was a 'mother's special friend' her mom had hidden under the couch. I set the 'toy' and baby down and wiped my hand on my pants.

Me: 'Go wash your hands, Rachel.'

Rachel: 'Why? What was that?'

Me: 'Don’t worry about it. Just go wash your hands.'

I scrubbed my hands so hard that I was surprised my skin didn’t come off. Probably the nastiest experience I’ve ever had babysitting. I never mentioned it to their mother. I wanted to spare her the mortification."