"I was a Jungle Cruise skipper during my time at Disneyland, and lots of crazy things happened in the jungle. One day, they loaded a boat and sent it out into the jungle, as normal. The skipper got about halfway through the trip and out of nowhere, this Korean lady started screaming at the poor guy sitting in front of her. The skipper tried to calm the lady down, but she kept screaming and yelling at him in Korean.

Then, she full-on attacked him. She lunged at him with claw hands and started scratching at his face and kicking him. He was doing his best to fend her off, but she was on him.

When things like that happen, it's what we called a 'four-shot.' The skipper loads four rounds into the six-shooter, fires them all (to alert the other boats in the jungle, and hopefully the people on the dock), then radios into the dock that they are having a medical/security issue. Then they just book it as fast as that boat can go back into the dock. The dock stops loading and just sends everyone ahead of the boat into the jungle so that the emergency boat can come right in.

So the skipper got the boat into the dock, and when she rounded the corner, basically half the people on her boat were trying to hold this lady down while the guy she attacked was cowering in the back, bleeding. Luckily, security had arrived and medical shortly after.

It took three security officers to eventually subdue the lady, while medical services strapped her down to a gurney. After they had her secured, they took her backstage behind Tomorrowland to an ambulance.

Eventually, they got a translator and tried to talk to her and her family. It turns out that the lady was schizophrenic and had decided that she wasn't taking her medication that day so she could try to better enjoy the park. She just happened to have an episode in the middle of the jungle, and the poor dude sitting in front of her got all the wrath."