"My daughter is not allowed to stay at 'A's' house and 'A' can only come to ours during the day but never overnight. We allowed her to stay the night there one time last year, and the stories that came back from a single night were completely unacceptable. Here are a few.

The dad has a room that no one is allowed to go in, not even the mom. When he is going into it or coming out of it he knocks on the door and everyone has to look in the other direction. The windows of that room are even blocked out with black trash bags. A said she has seen the inside of the room before and there is just a couch, a TV and a XBOX One. I don't care. My daughter is never going to go there.

The dad also apparently has lots of 'friends' that visited all through the night. Most friends never actually came in the house. None of them knocked on the front door. The dad would either get a message or just know they were there and hangout with them for a little while by their back door.

In the morning, before I picked my daughter up, she and A were outside playing with the dogs. My daughter is well-mannered and when A's dad asked her if she had put her breakfast plate away, she answered, 'Yes, sir.'

Well, apparently, what he heard was 'Yes, sergeant' and it royally ticked him off. He started screaming at A her friends are disrespectful, and my daughter wasn't allowed back in his house. He then referred to himself in the third person as 'Sergeant' for the rest of the day, and I am told it was until way after my daughter was gone. A told my daughter at school it had all been straightened out, and her dad felt bad about the misunderstanding and wants her to come stay the night again and will take them four- wheeler riding in the woods as an apology. The thing is, they don't have 4-wheelers, so how is this even possible? Also, no way is my daughter going out in the woods with this guy.

If you are wondering, no he did not let my daughter back in the house. A had to pack up her things for her, which her dad watched her do to make sure she wasn't taking anything of theirs. When I got there, they were sitting outside. I had no idea why nor did I think anything of it till I got the previously mentioned story. Also, what was packed up for my daughter as 'her stuff' was not all of her stuff, and we had to make a run to the store later for a toothbrush and her shampoo. She also didn't get any of her dirty clothes back, and A insisted at school she couldn't find anything else of my daughter's at their house. A would not fit in my daughter's clothes nor would her mother, so my daughter's new size 0 jeans, small shirt, small exercise bra, and panties somehow just vanished.

The mom also did not speak the whole night. She just watched TV and would get up to get something for her husband or make him dinner, but she didn't speak to A or my daughter and she also did not make them dinner. They had some popcorn and made their own breakfast in the morning.

These girls were 16 at the time. I wish my daughter would have called me to say things were a bit odd. I would have come to get her sooner. Since this incident, we now have a code message because she said she didn't know what to say even if she did call me. So now if something is amiss and she is uncomfortable, she is to call or message me asking when her next orthodontist appointment is. It lets me think of the reason she has to be picked up, and she does not have to feel awkward or in any way disrespectful. I have also told her it is perfectly acceptable to just say she wants to go home, but I also understand where that can escalate an already bad situation.

She can't stay the night at our house because when A stayed at our house, her dad would call her randomly, even at four am. She missed the call once around 12:30 am and immediately called him back. He was already in his car driving to our house to get her because she didn't answer and I had to listen to a teenager talk her own dad out of a screaming rage. It was disgusting and I am not going to have that around my daughter.

I have not stated as much to my daughter but I am perfectly happy that her and A do not hang out anymore."