This group of friends was out and about one evening enjoying themselves. Little did they know an event would occur that they would never forget.

"I was driving around on Halloween in 2005 with a few friends in my Jeep, one year out of high school. It was about 10 at night and we were headed to a party not far from our house. We were waiting at a red light, waiting to make a turn onto the main road when a guy in a van pulls real close to the passenger side of my vehicle. The guy gestures to roll the window down, which I do, and then tells me to take the keys out of the car and put them on my dashboard. I laughed at the guy and told him, 'No, thanks.'

My friend in the passenger seat then looked at me with daggers in his eyes and grabbed my wrist and says 'He's got a loaded weapon.'

I looked over and saw the guy had a weapon positioned under his elbow pointed directly at me/us. I looked forward, saw no cars in the intersection, and just floored it. I drove so recklessly, swerving over the median multiple times driving on both sides of the road trying to call attention to myself, while the guy followed closely behind us. I drove about a mile down the main road until he turned off onto a side street, then I went the opposite direction and was able to make it home into my driveway.

I told my parents what happened and my dad chewed me out telling me if somebody pulls a weapon on you, you do whatever they tell you to. It could have ended way worse if that guy really wanted us. I had a sketch artist come to my house, but I never heard if they caught the guy."