"I work in telecom. At the time this happened, I was in a role doing cell phone tech care and got a call from a woman who was irate and demanding a replacement phone for her Galaxy S8 because 'the Bluetooth doesn’t work.'

After some questions, I manage to figure out the reason she was convinced of this: 'My S7 worked just fine with my car but the S8 won’t.' I asked if she had performed the first time Bluetooth pairing before and she said, 'No, but I don’t have to, it’s supposed to just work.'

She was loud and snappy through the entire thing. She eventually told me her dealership had set this up the first time. I asked some general questions about her car and where she might find the settings and she steadily got louder and louder, insisting that her car had no such options or buttons for Bluetooth. I tried to recommend she contact her car dealership since they had set it up the first time, but this got her even more heated and she continued to yell that this was our problem 'because it worked before.'

Eventually, I found a YouTube how-to video showing where the button was (it was one of those voice control buttons on the steering wheel) and we were able to get the phone paired. Once the pairing was complete, a voice said:'Please record a nickname for this device.'

She was still angry and shouted her name at the car with the same tone she had been using with me for the entire phone call. The car then said, 'Is this correct?' And played the clip of her shriek back to her. I still remember the exact tone of voice and her full name although this happened over a year ago.

After this, she got really quiet for a moment, then said in a quieter (but still very unpleasant) tone, 'Well that just sounds awful.' She did not apologize but got quiet and uncomfortable and we ended the call shortly after that.

I like to think that she never learned how to re-record that clip, and has to hear her car scream her name back at her every time she has to mess with her car’s Bluetooth. It never fails to make me smile."