Anyone who in currently in the dating pool or has ever dated knows there is a lot of anxiety involved. So many things to overthink and second guess. A lot of faux pas and red flags to avoid. Etiquette, awkward pauses, flat pickup lines, one-sided conversations; it's a hard world. If you're lucky to make it past the first round, you may think you're in the clear, but then other obstacles make themselves known, like the whole bathroom situation. Obviously, we all know that everyone goes to the bathroom. But is that really something you want to advertise to your date right off the bat? Some don't care, some like to get the awkwardness out of the way right away, and others try to put it off for as long as they can. That's where our protagonist comes in, twitter user @_blotty. We will call her Bonnie. Bonnie was put in this exact situation and recounts the hilarious story when everything went wrong.

I really applaud her honestly. Sometimes there is no use to tip toe around it.

I'm already nervous sweating for her. Here she is being all confident and it lets her down! This is why I have bathroom stage fright.

Yep, I gotta say, I would have done the same thing.

Um, okay, you lost me Bonnie. Was that really the only option to remove the turd from its appropriate and hygienic vessel?

Oh Bonnie, nooooooo! In your purse? A woman's purse is sacred! And is no place for poop!

Yes, I can see how that might be a wee bit distracting. Wouldn't it smell too?

The sister is the voice of reason, saying what we are all thinking! What is happening? This is wayyy too much.

A few hours?!

Fingers crossed

It's a miracle! And we are all a little wiser now and know how to deal with this terrible situation if it ever happens to us.