The sign clearly stated 'the entire shop was student run and to be patient and respectful to those working and learning.' But for Reddit user SnifflingBelugas this customer was anything but patient and respectful!

"This happened while I was being trained as a waitress at school (I go to a vocational school, if you don’t know what that is, look it up), so let’s say two years ago. My senior trainer, let’s call her 'CC,' and I had two squares and a round (squares seat four people and rounds typically seat seven). The restaurant closes at 1:00 PM, so at 12:45, entitled mom 'EM' and her kid (the kid was actually really sweet, so we’ll call her 'K') entered.

The host brought them to a small two-person table on one side of the room, but then EM said that the table was too small and insisted on having a round for her and her kid to share. The host politely told EM that we weren’t allowed to seat parties of two at a round table meant for seven. So with a mutter of a few swears or more, the pair moved to my table. Business went around as usual, CC introduced herself and I and said that I was only there for observation. That’s when EM made her first of many comments towards us.

'Aren’t you a little old to be trained, you should already know what you’re doing.' At the time I was only 15 and had been in shop for only a few months, not to mention it was my first time in the dining room.

CC explained why I was being trained. EM just rolled her eyes and ordered a sandwich while K ordered a salad.

Towards dessert time, CC had to take another tables order, so she sent me to ask EM and K if they would like anything else. The conversation that follows is similar to the one we had:

Me: 'Will there be any dessert today ladies?'

EM: 'See, I knew you were just using your little friend so you didn’t have to do any work.'

K: 'Mom, please.'

EM: 'Just get us a menu and take these plates out of the way.'

At the time, I was a very shy sophomore, so I didn’t bother saying something. I quietly grabbed their plates and then handed them a menu. When CC came back, they decided to order dessert. The mother claimed she was 'on a diet.' K ordered a chocolate banana mousse. CC typed it in and a few minutes later placed the mousse on the table. Typically, we wait to bring over the check when they’re either 3/4 of the way done or fully done with their dessert, but we barely got around the corner when EM waved us down again.

EM: 'I don’t like it take it back and off my bill,' as she takes the mousse from her kid and gives it back to us.

CC: 'I’m sorry, is there anything else I can get you?'

EM: 'Get me the rice pudding!'

Please keep in mind that this was not her dessert, this was her kid’s.

So, we took the mousse off her bill and got her the rice pudding she so desperately wanted. This process repeated with the 10 other dessert items that were on our menu, each one had a different excuse– 'not enough caramel,' or 'I don’t like chocolate.' Meanwhile, her poor kid was trying to eat her dessert without her mother changing it out for a new one. Before we knew it, we ran out of desserts. My teacher (aka my savior of the story, we’ll call her 'TS') came over to me while CC dealt with the entitled one. TS had been watching EM from the moment she walked through the doors. She felt it was time to step in. She walked over and told me to print the check. The convo that follows was the rudest thing a customer has ever said in the restaurant.

TS: 'Hello Ma'am, what seems to be the problem?'

EM: 'What? Are you another one of those brat students?'

TS: 'No I’m TS, the instructor of the dining room. My students tell me that none of our desserts have satisfied you.'

EM: 'Yeah, they were all awful! Not to even mention the service was awful. Your two so-called students weren’t even doing what I wanted! I ordered a Prime Rib and I got a sandwich. And her salad was cold! I demand that my meal be free!'

Yes...this mom demanded her meal be free because the service wasn’t up to her expectations. She came to a student run restaurant at a school and expected things to fall right into her lap. We have a sign hanging above the entrance that says the entire shop is student run and to be patient and respectful to those working and learning. This woman clearly did NOT understand that.

TS: 'I’m sorry ma’am, but I can not give you your bill for free. I watched and you ate everything on your plate. You didn’t even order a prime rib...'

EM: 'This is a bunch of bull! I come here with my daughter before she moves away and I can’t even get a ounce of respect from a woman who claims to be a teacher! Not to mention the service here is trash! I demand to speak with your employer!'

This was when the kid jumped in...(I was later told she was a past student at my school).

K: 'Mom! It’s a student run restaurant, things aren’t going to be perfect! Salads are supposed to be cold. You ordered the sandwich and ate all of it without complaining! Please just give me the check so I can escape further embarrassment!'

This shut EM up. On command, I walked over and handed K the check and ended the conversation with, 'Have a nice day!'

EM then stormed out and left her daughter with the $25 bill. The kid apologized for her mother’s behavior and bought us a bag of cookies as an apology. That was the last I saw of both of them."